Thursday, February 11, 2010

SPA is Live!

We have our first rookie patch autos popping up as well as the first Super Patch Auto. Both look good, but there have been early reports of many redemptions in the live boxes. That is NOT good. Im still holding my breath, but im guessing this is the nature of the beast.


  1. free shipping for it on DAcardworld if you order it today...n you get a free choice of an extra gift.

  2. where the hell is the V in JARED ALLEN?

  3. Its the V in vikings, there are two spellings at least per player.

  4. Pretty neat looking design. SPA usually does it nice and spiffy.

  5. It appears that Upper Deck made Ebay take down the auctions that had started before the release date and made Blowout cards take down pictures of cards put up before the release date - even though the release date had been put back! Typical fuckwits that Upper Deck are.

    As for the cards, they are good, though not great - very over-hyped. The exception is the Super Patch which is very nice - unfortunately they have a limited checklist (mainly rookies)so they mean little to me .

  6. Umm, there have been images on BO's site for months under the product info pages, I dont know what you are talking about. Im not sure why they made them take down the break pics, as I have had them up all day without problem.

    AS FOR THE CARDS, they look better than anything else released this year, by far. I have yet to see bad looking cards from the breaks that have been posted, and I dont think I am in the minority on that. On top of this, I think the set features a pretty good amount of veteran stuff, but not as much as exquisite because its always been about the rookies, and the super majority of the hobby agrees that rookies are a necessary focus.

  7. Gellman sorry to be the one to tell you, looks like the harvin auto patches are redemptions. guy just posted a 6 box break on scf

  8. Did you actually click on the links in your article? These auctions have been ended early. Also, go to ebay and search ended auctions for 2009 SP Authentic - you will so hundreds of them that were ended early. Why do you think that is? It's your old friends Upper Deck.

    As for Blowout, go to this link:

    The pictures on their website are from the sell sheet so they are OK. However they don't want pictures from box breaks before release date - that's what this box breaker was told.

    Again, it demonstrates just what Upper Deck are like.

    As for the cards, as I said, they are good. Personally I prefer National Treasures, Finest and Mayo from this year, and that's just off the top of my head. They are however better than Topps Chicle, no doubt about that.

  9. The rookie auto patches look nice as usual, but I think I'll stick to buying singles off of Ebay. No way I'm dropping good money on a chance to get stuck with a manufactured letter patch like that Jared Allen card.

  10. Personal Preferences Abound!!

    I love the rookie patch autos. I love the smokey look and the font. I do wish the patch window had a tad bit more detail. Maybe the shape as the super patch or something.

    I like the super patch okay. I always worry about the auto on that fabric though. And what if there are a lot of breaks with the auto? That is going to look like one choppy auto. I don't like the newspaper print stuff in the background though. The Beanie Wells looked a lot better on the sale sheet without it.

    I like the design of the letterman, but I HATE when they spell out something other than the players last name. HATE that. Otherwise though it looks sharp.

    That being said, I can't wait until I somehow manage to pull a Jake Long.

    Oh, and I sincerely hope they got the collation/shortage problems fixed from last year.