Friday, February 12, 2010

How Many Redemptions Are On The 2009 SP Authentic List?

There was a lot of speculation that SP Authentic would be filled with redemptions due to a number of reasons, and so far that is a half truth. There are a few big names on the redemption list, but no more than were in National Treasures. Because the redemption lists are so similar, I believe its more of a player issue than anything.

As of now, here is who is on the list:
Beanie WellsShonn Greene (Some Are Live)
Nate Davis
Mike Thomas

Also, like Shonn Greene, some of the rookies may have live RAPs along with redemptions, so this remains to be seen. Personally, I wouldnt even bother taking a chance on these until you see the live versions. Many of them will take a long time due to expectant money troubles and pending lawsuits against UD, so stick to what you actully see.

Lastly, it looks like UD stopped all auctions that were started yesterday, and limited people on the blowout forum from listing their breaks. Although I had my images up all day, many were forced to have them taken down. I cant understand why UD wanted to do this, as it solves absolutely nothing. When you have spent the last few weeks building a hatred among collectors, why would anyone at UD think that was a good idea? It just doesnt make sense.

Either way, happy hunting, I have already scored one of my main targets and I hope you land some of yours.


  1. Good God, that many redemptions?! What a joke! Definitely not buying this product now. Upper Deck had how long to get the autos? Then the delay on the release date? This is amateur hour, folks.

  2. Sounds like UD wants to push as much product as they can, increase the revenues and what not before the cards hit the secondary market. This also leads me to believe that there may be more redemptions in this product than expected! Can you say 'red flags?' Everyone should email Gellman to there busted redemptions to keep list of player redemptions up to date as much as possible.

  3. Random question (sorry for using this thread as a medium) but I just requested my first replacement from Upper Deck and I am thinking I may get screwed. It was for a Robin Yount Sweet Spot Green Ink auto #'d 14 and I requested that it be replaced with a comparable hall of famer auto...did I make a mistake in doing so? Do any of you have any advice on how I should word my replacement requests so that I can ensure that the card I get aa a replacement is suitable? Or is it just a crap shoot?

  4. So I was right about Upper Deck forcing ebay to end SP Authentic auctions and Blowout to take down pictures of buyers box breaks, wasn't I Gellman?

    Yet again proving what a bunch of assholes Upper Douche are.