Thursday, February 18, 2010

First Look: 2010 Playoff Prestige Football

This is the third product we have gotten for the 2010 calendar (UD Draft, UD Sweet Spot and this), to which I have to say that it doesnt look that bad. This will end up being a complete throwaway like most of the early year products, but at least the design for the base cards and the other stuff doesnt look terrible. I will say that the base card design is 100% better than last year's, but the other subsets still look like they have weird floating swatch problems.

Im also not crazy that they are continuing with the manu patches for this set, as they make a similar appearance in so many of Panini's sets over the course of the year. They did add Manu-letters which was an early year success for Topps in 2009, so I guess that they are probably going to make that a focus for 2010.

Will I buy any of this? No, not my cup of tea. Will I buy any pre-rookie remiere product? Maybe, but definitely not prestige. I think with Sweet Spot moving up in the calendar they will need to compete a little more, because this stuff just isnt going to cut it long term.


  1. The manufactured patches are a way to avoid stickers and give more of an "on-card" feel. They use the same ones for several of their products (Prestige, R&S, etc...) so they just send the pieces of fabric to the guys and then can use them instead of boring stickers.

    They can also have them made with NFL team logos ahead of time and bring those to the photo shoot, which end up being one of the first auto'd cards with NFL team logos of the guys invited (usually in R&S).

  2. Wow, that's a nice looking base design, and the updated design for the Prestigious inserts look good too. Good Panini, nice Panini. *pat pat*

  3. I agree with Wombat in that the base design looks nice. It's what design should be from year to year. They stayed true to the brand but offered new look. The Panini we have known would have just changed the tint and slapped some foil splatter on there.

    However I can't stand the Rice, MJD or the Manu Patch. The Manu Patch is a Leaf R&S thing. We don't need more. Just put it on the regular rookie design and call it a day. Seeing as how it is in their college uniforms anyway, why not have them sign some at the premier.

    The MJD and Rice are WAY too busy. Your eye shouldn't have trouble finding where the patch begins and ends. You can't even see the auto on the Rice.

    The Jennings on the other hand is a nice clean look. Good picture. Player is clearly pictured. The patch is easy to see.

    Take the other inserts and throw them out the window. Make more like the Jennings and expand that insert set. Just a thought.