Monday, January 11, 2010

Wild Card Royal Rumble: Rev Warner's House

I think this is the first time in a long time that I watched most of each of the Wild Card games if the Vikings werent playing. They were all incredibly entertaining, and the Packers game had me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire second half. I could not believe what transpired, but ill get to that.


Every single person I know thought the Bengals were going to kill the Jets, including a coworker, whose office went from covered in Bengals stuff on Friday to covered in Reds stuff today. Even though the Bengals were pretty banged up, they still had a better team on paper, and had the fire power to make the Jets pay. Yet, Sanchez protected the ball, the rushing game was great, and Shonn Greene ran one in from 40 yards out. That’s pretty much all the Jets did to win. I even think Boomer Esiason looked bummed on CBS the following day.


This one was not too suprising in the final score, but definitely surprising as to how they got there. I wanted the Cowboys to win because I thought the Vikings had a better shot against them than against the winner of the other NFC game, but I never expected them to bludgeon the Eagles with a hammer as big as they did. Turnovers, mistakes, dropped balls, everything, and you cant win when that happens. Maclin's TD was pretty scary for me, because I can now see what the Eagles are going to have come two years from now in Jackson and Maclin. Holy crap. To Al Davis: You are a fucking idiot for drafting Darrius Craphead-Bey. Look at what you passed up - Crabtree, Harvin, Maclin, Wallace, Nicks, Collie, wow.


I was shocked that the Pats looked as bad as they did from the first play of the game. I knew the Ravens would win because of how hurt New England was, and how good Baltimore is, but I didn’t expect a blowout. Its great because I hate the Patriots, but bad because the Ravens look good enough to beat anyone again. How ridiculous is Ray Rice? I am totally shocked that he has turned out to be as good as he is. Usually the little backs run like human bowling balls, but Rice has moves like MJD.


I went to get lunch during half time, and I came back expecting the game to continue the way it had. Little did I know that Aaron Rodgers would put on his Hulk face and battle back, something that I didn’t think was possible after the first half. I was even more shocked when they tied it up, and my heart jumped when Rackers missed the field goal to send it to OT. Im surprised that the Packers looked so flat in their first few plays before the fumble after that, and I am even more shocked that they didn’t review the fumble due to the fucking gross "tuck rule." Either way, I am elated that the Packers are out of the hunt, as I believed they were one of the most dangerous teams in the playoffs. To think that a playoff game ended with 100 points on the board is ludicrous, and I have a feeling that Michael Adams and the Cardinals defense are going to be running laps today.



This is going to be an EPIC matchup and I have a good feeling that the Vikings can win. Its going to be a battle, especially with how the Cowboys' defense has been playing, though I think the Vikings are too good on fake grass to let it stop them. I expect Peterson to have an okay game, but the real story is going to be Favre/Rice. They have a real chance to show what they got against Jenkins, and I believe they can get the upper hand. Rice is a different type of receiver than DeSean Jackson, and im not sure if Jenkins will be as good against him. However, with Felix Jones, Witten and Miles Austin on the other side, it may not matter. The Vikings have trouble with speed, power and agility, traits that all three possess, meaning nightmares for the purple all day.


If I were Sean Payton, I would make Michael Adams look foolish for four quarters and call it a day. The guy almost lost the game for the Cardnials with his stupid plays, despite the forced fumble at the end. I actually have a feeling they started blitzing him because he couldn’t cover, even though he had already fucked it up once on the long Rodgers pass play earlier. Boldin may not play again, which didn’t seem to matter this past week, but it should matter this coming week. The Cardinals are going to need every bit of offense they can muster, because I think Drew Brees is going to cut them up like Tebow on an uncircumsized adult penis.


I believe that this could be the best game of next week in the making. The teams are so evenly matched that I am not able to pick a winner quite yet. Manning is amazing, but the Ravens' defense is ridiculous. Rice and Flacco are crazy, but they are going to have to deal with Mathis and Freeney all day. Reggie Wayne is tearing it up, but Ed Reed looks invincible. I am so excited for this game that I cant even say.


Phillip Rivers is going to go off like a bomb. The Jets don’t stand a chance. Regardless if Revis plays on Jackson the whole day, it wont matter in the grand scheme of things. This is going to be a bloodbath, and I don’t even need to say much else about what is about to transpire.

Wild Card Weekend MVP: Kurt Warner - he must have prayed extra hard to Jeebus because he had the game of his life. He needed it too, because there was no way the Cards had a shot in the second half if he pussied out.

Rookie of the Week:
Jeremy Maclin - That pass play was great, and he didn’t even stop there. 7 for 146 has to be close to the rookie record, which should be great for his card values coming out of this loss.


  1. I thought about the tuck rule too, but the ball was picked up out of the air anyways - it never touched the ground. So it didn't matter - fumble or interception, the Cardinals still win.

  2. nice read! was a little sad that you didnt mention the amazing play of Early Doucet in the cardinals game! his second catch and run TD was amazing, was very proud to see a former tiger tear it up!!