Friday, January 15, 2010

This Will Make You VERY Happy or VERY Sad

I was just going over the checklist for 2009 Exquisite, and I came across a few tidbits that people should think about going into this product. First, there are no Brett Favre autographs in this product from what I can tell. I searched every one of the auto subsets and Favre did not make an appearance. However, he does have a number of other cards, including a Rare Materials card.

Secondly, the tier 1 checklist for the RPAs is either going to make people very happy or very sad. For the singles buyers, it just got that much easier to buy Percy Harvin, Jeremy Maclin and Hakeem Nicks' RPAs, they are all tier 2 and should be numbered to 225. However, Darrius Heyward-Bey is a tier 1, which means you might just kill your case chances right there. That also means there are much less of them, so that may also be a good thing.

Speaking of the popular rare materials cards, this year's checklist looks much stronger than last year's, so that is good, but it looks like there still is no auto on these cards a la 2007's awesome 1-of-1's. There still may be 1/1 logo cards as we had last year, but I wasnt able to tell from the preliminary checklists.

Interesting stuff so far, ill let you know if I find out anything else.


  1. Wow... I sincerely think the cards look like garbage this year. I guess I'll have more money to spend on HOFers.

  2. Given Favre's popularity and profile this year it seems stupid not to have any Favre autographs, - though he does seem to have a number of patch cards at least.

  3. Maybe Favre didn't want to sign. You never know with these guys anymore.

    Keep in mind that this set was probably cut a while ago in order to get them to players to sign on the card. So they went with the top 3 QBs, top 2 WR and top 3 RB. Just a theory.

    kickstand, I can't disagree more. I thought the mock-ups for the Rookie Patch Autos were great.