Friday, January 22, 2010

Kevin Burge Threatens Legal Action Against SCU

Im sure you are all aware of who Kevin Burge is. Well, today he sent me a very interesting letter about my coverage of his criminal actions on this site. His communication threatened legal action against this site if I continue to defame his character based on the above criminal actions, to which I have this statement:

Mr. Burge,

I understand that you want to protect the name of the countless eBay IDs you have created to run your business, but I am confident that the evidence I have provided on this site is nothing but the truth. Ebay accounts linked to you through multiple sources have sold fraudulent autographs, fraudulent patch cards, and other criminally misleading items, thus prompting my posts on Sports Cards Uncensored. Based on those actions over the past 12 months, I have informed the collecting community to avoid purchasing from your accounts. In addition, I am not the only one to highlight your criminal actions, as you are a frequently discussed public figure in this hobby. As a news source for collectors, it is my job to report on the news brought to me by sources from said discussions. If you have the undeniable proof that you have not engaged in the criminal action of selling the fraudulent cards, I will retract my previous posts and apologize for my actions. However, if your accounts continue to sell questionable cards and items, they will be covered on this site as before.

Thank you,

Editor and Writer


  1. get 'em! It really sucks that there are people like him ruining what used to once be such an innocent hobby. I almost feel like a loser myself when I read about guys like him, pack searchers, and the like.

  2. I like the line about if Burge can present undeniable proof that he isn't a scammer that you will retract everything. We all know he has nothing for proof that his practices are 100% legit...tear him a new asshole!

  3. *rolls eyes* This guy must be taking a hit if he has to chase you down and threaten legal action.

  4. Why even bother responding? Until you have a court order sent to you (and not a letter/email from him or his lawyer), there is nothing he can do about it.

    He's not going to take this further because it will lead to everyone finding out the truth.

  5. I sort of agree with McB there. Although very poiniant and somewhat hilarious, I don't think a response was even warranted.

  6. I did some research on defamation lawsuits. He would find himself in a bad position if he chooses to commence with a lawsuit.

    1. He must prove that your statements are libel and slanderous, meaning he would have to prove that his actions are true and honest.

    2. He would have to prove that your statements were an attempt to defame him and not just your opinion about him and his actions.

    3. He would have to prove that your statements are not fair comment of public interest.

    He has no suit against you considering he would have to prove that he did nothing wrong to earn the reputation. He would also need to prove it was not your opinion of his actions and finally you are issuing fair comments for justice for the cause of public interest (in this case the collectors).

    Honestly, I would actually love to see him go forth with the lawsuit simply for the fact that he would have to prove he did nothing wrong.

  7. I was surprised he had a little time set aside out of his day to email you.

    He generally spends all waking hours scouring eBay for his next great BIN steal, that he will then forge/alter into the next great card.

    Way to stay on him about his ways.

  8. Gellman, can you post the email he sent you? I'm just curious what he had to say.

  9. I'd love for him to take his cards into the courtroom. What a tool.

  10. Nice work by Corky. Those were my thoughts as well. This reminds me of a kid saying to another, "If you hit me my Dad is going to sue you for everything you have!". Just idle threats.

    Don't worry though. I am Chairman of the Human Fund. I am sure we can liquidate some donations to pay for legal fees.

  11. Sounds like he's saying, "my dad is gonna hit your dad and sue you for everything you own" (as he goes off running and crying).

  12. I love that quote Voluntarheel!

  13. In my experience, a person who sends a letter threatening legal action instead of just taking legal action won't take legal action - in Burge's case because he knows he is in the wrong.