Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The First 2009 National Treasures Cut Auto Hits Ebay

The first one is up, and there are many more to come at one per case or whatever. Although it isnt as bad as the UD Black ones, the card companies are showing that they still havent mastered the picture-less cut auto. Ill be posting updates as they come.

It actually kind of makes me think that with all the different cuts that are released, that they are just too expensive to produce with Logos and or Player pics. At least give me some kind of football likeness, not just a "here it is, go ahead and love it" attitude.

On these cards, there is rarely any indication that its a person related to the game of football. Its just a border on a piece of signed paper, and I am not feeling it.


  1. Not a great looking cut, but at least the seller isn't trying to make back the entire price of the box with the sale price.

    Even as is, the price may be high.

    Still, I have seen worse cut cards. It does look classier than the Sweet Spot Classic Cuts for example.

  2. Are you kidding? These look great - unless you're the sort of person who needs a picture of the person to jerk off over.