Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Feeling the Bite of the SPA Bug...

I have been saving money for SPA for a long time, more than I have saved for many products of previous years. I figured that with Percy Harvin tearing it up, my cost for this set would be higher than normal, especially if I was also going to get some of the Peterson stuff that is set to be included. However, that isnt my main dilemma due to the fact that I love busting this product in addtion.

In the past I have gone from sole box buster to singles connossieur, mainly because the fun of busting boxes did not live up to buying the singles I actually wanted. This year it’s a little different because I may have the money to do both, and the allure of just saying "fuck it!" and busting a case is there stronger than ever. Although there is little prospects of making my investment back, I could end up with great pulls or absolutely nothing.

Right now, I am definitely leaning towards buying singles, picking up at least a Harvin 3 color before the donkey rapers get their hands on them and start doing cards like this on a regular basis. Fucking Kevin Burge can go fuck himself with an unpeeled pineapple. I digress, my apologies. Also, I may want to pick up a Moreno as I feel he may be one of the better rookies when all is said and done. There are going to be a lot of the Patches this year, including the rookie signature jumbo patches which look like they could be some of the coolest cards produced in the last 5 years.

Im not really feeling much of the letter checklist this year, and I don’t collect any of the dynasty teams, which means that busting boxes could be fun, but completely fruitless for my collecting habits. Considering that every signature will be on card again for the entire set, there are going to be a good number of cards that will carry high values. Then when you factor in that Ultimate Collection will be doing a lot of the same things with its signatures, my bank account may take quite a large hit in the next two months.

So far, SPA is scheduled for the 26th, but most of the UD products have had some sort of delay this year. That means we could be well into february before I get my SPA fix, something that could force me into buying a different card with the money all together. I have had my eye on a few others that I have wanted in the past, but SPA still calls me like Barney Stinson's suits call to him.

"Buy me! Buy me Gellman! You know how much fun we have had in the past! Don’t waste your money!"

Oof, this is getting hard to wait.


  1. I can't believe that CJ went for that much. Some people force themselves to believe in the authenticity of a card. Crazy.

  2. Did you look at the others he recently sold? I cant believe that people are that dumb.

  3. You just posted that the SPA Chris Johnson fake sold on Ebay, but here it is up for sale by the same guy yet again?


    What the hell is going on?

  4. I have a feeling the guy saw the post. I got an email from a random person who was pretty pissed off at the card. Hmm.