Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brian Cushing Wins Defensive ROY

Per a number of sources, Brian Cushing has been named the defensive Rookie of the Year, an award that he was definitely expected to win. He becomes the seventh linebacker in a row to win it, with Jerod Mayo winning last year and Patrick Willis in 2007. Cushing was absolutely ridiculous this year, racking up an AFC leading 135 tackles, five sacks and four interceptions, thus proving he is definitely worthy of the honor.

He is also the second Texans player to win it since 2006, when DeMeco Ryans was the honoree. However, I would expect that next year should be the first year since Julius Peppers won in 2002 that a non-linebacker will win, thanks to Ndamukong Suh's beastly expectations.

Jarius Byrd was also up for consideration as the other defensive rookie pro bowler, but only received a minimal number of votes. Byrd had a season WAY above expectations, and played like a veteran for the Bills all year.

Next up should be OROY and MVP in the next few days.


  1. One of the bright spots for my Lions was Safety, Louis Delmas. 94 tackles, a safety, 2 picks (one for a 101yd TD), and numerous 'big' hits.
    Now that the beady eyed blowhard from Penn State is gone, we have a sliver of hope.

  2. I have a Cushing Topps Chrome auto.
    I guess now is the time to sell it.