Monday, December 28, 2009

Shameless Plug: ARPlatinum Is Raising Money For Cancer

If you are on Youtube and watching card videos, you are familiar with ARPlatinum. Although a controversial figure in the hobby, he has run more group breaks on the 'tube than many of the other users combined. He breaks everything from Baseball to Hockey, and his followers are loyal due to the amazing pulls he has had.

For these breaks of cases at a time, AR makes it very clear that due to the time to organize and cost of shipping, the people who join his breaks are not going receive unnumbered base cards with their teams. When you do as many breaks as he does, you get the point pretty quickly that base cards truly are a roadblock to getting things out on time. Instead, he is going to be auctioning them off to raise money for the V Foundation and Cancer Research. Yes, 100% of the auction's price will go to the foundation, and I think that its a great idea for useless cards.

Per AR, there are over 24,000 cards, many of them in the form of complete or nearly complete sets. These cards can surely benefit some people who are in dire straits, and I encourage you to bid early and often. The auction goes live tonight at 9pm, link will be posted on his Youtube channel.

If you have any questions on this auction or future breaks, email him at or through his youtube account. He is a very nice guy, and will be happy to help you out.

EDIT: Auction can be found here.

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