Monday, December 7, 2009

Rookie Battle Royale: Week 13

Sorry for the lack of updates these last few days, I have been out of town on business and this has been the first chance I have had to post any thing. Of course, the Vikings chose this week to lay a crap at least 8 courics in size, and many of the rookies did the same. Ill go over as many of them as I can, as my time is limited.

Mark Sanchez

Another less than mediocre game for Sanchez, and with only 104 yards of passing, he is fading from ROY contention. Funny enough, the Jets have won two in a row, even though Sanchez has played like a rookie, so I guess he is fine for right now.

Matt Stafford

Stafford had a typical Lions performance this week, throwing for 143, a TD and 2 INTs. With the way that he is surrounded, its expected that his bad games will far exceed his good games at first, though he will definitely have to overcome problems to stay above the JaMarcus Russell memorial rookie bust line.

Josh Freeman

Although Freeman threw for over 300 yards, his team lost mainly due to his inability to throw to his team's receivers. When your QB throws five picks, you are almost guaranteed a loss, and if he doesnt throw a TD, you will have even less of a chance. Freeman has been off and on, and the Bucs are in limbo at 1-11 in terms of how to proceed with him from here. I say let him play, as you really have nothing to lose other than the number one pick in the 2010 draft.

Percy Harvin

Harvin had 6 catches for 79 and a TD, though the TD came in relative garbage time when the Cardinals had already sealed it. He played well, regardless, and was really one of the only bright spots of the game for the Vikings. Harvin is now the top wide-receiver on his team in TDs, pretty interesting considering that Favre has thrown 25.

Louis Murphy

Back on this list for the first time since week one, welcome back. Murphy had the game of the week for all rookies, catching 4 balls for 128 and 2 TDs. He single handedly helped the Raiders over come huge odds to hand the Steelers their 4 loss in a row and was remarkable in doing so.

Knowshon Moreno

Denver killed KC and Moreno played a pretty good game, scoring 2 TDs on his way to 86 yards on the ground. Moreno has slowly crept into the top of the discussion for ROY as Sanchez and Stafford have fallen.

Offensive Rookie of the Year Watch

1. Percy Harvin - He padded his stats a little in a part of the game that didnt matter, but it was still enough to keep him securely at the top. (LW #1)

2. Knowshon Moreno - Another good game to add to his list of accomplishments (LW #2)

3. Mark Sanchez - The Jets have been winning, so he moves up (LW #4)

4. Matt Stafford - He will need another record game to convince people that he is the ROY (LW #3)

5. Hakeem Nicks - A key TD in last night's game gets him back on this list (LW NR)

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