Monday, December 14, 2009

MVP, Or How I Learned To Love The Bomb (Hail Mary)

We are getting very close to the end of the year, especially now that some of our MVPs may start to sit out some of the games as their teams shore up home field for the playoffs. I think there is no real clear cut favorite, but quite a few players that do have the chops to be considered. Here is my list:

Peyton Manning

Its hard to argue with 13-0, very hard, only this year there are two teams! Who would have fucking guessed that multiple teams would be knocking on the door of Patriots and Dolphins territory? Regardless of record, Manning has had a phenomenal season, and there is a good argument that he is having a better year than Brees. The difference is that Manning has the AFC up against him and Brees has the NFC. I see the NFC as stronger this year, though teams like the Packers and Eagles have 4 losses on their record. Manning, despite playing in the AFC, has shown that he is worthy of our consideration due to his abnormally high QB rating (a weird stat), TD passes, and yards per completion, though the record speaks for most of it.

Drew Brees

Over the last 3 years, Brees has redefined the QB position. He throws TD after TD after TD, and rarely gives up a pick. His team is also the other 13-0 contender, and I actually believe he means just as much to the Saints success as Manning to his team's. Brees leads the league in Passer rating, TDs, and just about every category, therefore making him the favorite, and if the Saints stay undefeated as it now looks like they will, who knows if there is a discussion even. The problem is that Brees and the Saints have come EXTREMELY close to losing each of the last two weeks to teams they should destroy, so things are maybe not as peachy in Saints land as once expected.

Chris Johnson

I wish Johnson could get some type of award this year, because he is so ridiculous in his stats for 2009. Im actually sure if the Titans were 9-4, his contributions would be more looked upon as an MVP, but like baseball, Wins in a team sport is all that matters. I will say this, without Johnson, the Titans are 1-12, so to say they have done as much as they have is a testament to his contributions to his team. So far, Johnson leads the league in YPC, Yards, gains over 40, gains over 20, and a bunch of other stuff, all while on his way to a possible 1900 yard season. Pretty nuts.

Brett Favre

I would have been laughed off the internet if I said Favre was going to be in this position come December. Funny enough, he is here and actually healthy, which is all the better for the NFC north leading Vikings. I believe without Favre, the Vikings are a third place team, but he wont even come close to MVP consideration as long as Brees and Manning are doing what they have done. Favre's only argument is that he is doing all of this at 40 years of age, and to think that he only has 6 picks this whole year is crazy. If you look back to what he has done before, this is truly a great year for him, more so than many of his glory days with the Green and Gold.

Obviously, the MVP is going to come down to the last few games, and if Manning is pulled for rest, it could decide it. I still think Favre has a chance if the Saints lose a few of their remaining games, though I doubt that is likely at this point. I would think that as things draw to a close, Brees is probably going to run away with it, deservedly so, but Im not sure if that will translate into January. Remember, the MVP only means so much, and I guarantee you that every one of those players would like a playoff win more than some hardware.

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  1. Actually, the Packers and Eagles only have 4 losses each...