Friday, December 11, 2009

Limited Break Coming SOON!

Holy shit guys, thats all I can say. I just got done opening and we did AWESOME on our boxes. From three boxes I pulled a rookie of the year, a rookie of the year candidate, a letter, and some other AMAZING cards.

Ill have scans up soon, and the video shortly after.

Thanks again to Chris for these boxes, WOW.


  1. Not expecting anything with my teams but hopefully you guys get some cool stuff :)

  2. Those boxes were supposed to go to Beckett. Must've got the loaded ones mixed up.

  3. Hey guys, just spoke to Gellman and he is extremely busy with some family stuff.

    But he wanted everyone to know that the break WILL be up at some point tonight.

    So keep checking back in.

    Good Luck to Everyone!

  4. Thanks for the update Voluntar, I was like damn a hour to post scans hah.