Friday, December 18, 2009

I Know, I Know, This Is The Last One, I Promise

Thanks to Aaron for sending this one in, I couldnt help but bust out laughing when I saw it.

Can someone tell me what "ROPLOF OKAYFS" means? Maybe its "ROPOK LAYOFFS" or something like that. Its definitely not "ROOK PLAYOFFS" because that might be the dumbest die cut swatch window ever created. Maybe this is a code phrase to aid in unlocking a triple threads card that actually looks good.

Okay, im done with this set. Back to your regularly scheduled rants.

SHAMELESS PLUG: If you are in Willmar, MN and looking for something to do, go check out Aaron's store. Its called the Fan Zone, and its in the Kandi Mall. Ive been there a few times, he and the guys are awesome.


  1. actually is ROOK other words, rookie playoffs or quarterback who led their teams to the playoffs their rookie season.

    I. Hate. Triple. Threads. Please Topps, put the diecutter away.

  2. I thought it was some teenage newspeak jargon to abbreviate how bad the set is like:

    RipOff PeopleLike OldFools OrKiss AssYou FreakingSuckers

  3. It is Topps. Has anyone considered that it could be like a Ginter code? Maybe after collecting enough die cuts, you can piece together the clues to find a way to the place where they have hidden the real cards.

  4. I am surprised this product is so popular across all sports. I'm baffled as to why. The name and concept could be so appealing if Topps could execute it. As it stands TTT is such as waste money. I really do want to like TTT, but in it's current state, yuck!

  5. I can tell you where the real cards are without the code... Up their asses. It is amazing to me that the only cards Topps can design well are ones that are being remade from years ago (T206 comes to mind).

    It is just mine boggling that with today's technology, they can't get something better than TTT and Sterling for high end. I mean UD Black sucked for busting but the singles are beautiful designs!

  6. First thought is what the hell. Topps ruined another one of it designs.