Thursday, December 17, 2009

Great Day At The Local Shop!

Its very rare that I pull anything when buying loose packs. Its rarer that I pull anything to even recoup half the value of what I buy. Today was not one of those days.

I was running some errands and I stopped in at the Baseball Card Co. over here in Northridge, CA to see what I could find. They had their normal great selection of packs, so I decided to try some Bowman Chrome, after all the Topps Chrome I had busted. Luckily for me I did, because in the six packs I purchased, I pulled these two cards:

Yes, this is the first red refractor I have ever pulled, and the White was just a bonus. The Massaquoi is numbered 2/5 and is up for sale as we speak. In addition to these cards, I also pulled a base Stafford RC and a base Freeman RC, so these six packs were probably the best ever for me.

Let me know if you are interested in either, I will consider any reasonable offer.


  1. You should send the Massaquoi in for Grading.

  2. Lucky dog. I've yet to pull anything below a bowman gold to /50 in anything I've busted. Well done on that.

    Must've been a thrill to see the Red border and the RC symbol at the same time.


  3. Uh, Voluntarheel, look at the card. Even from the awful scan you can see it is clearly off-center. Why would someone grade that?

    The level of knowledge about the hobby on this site is staggeringly low.

  4. Nice pulls man...did great on the chrome

  5. Nice pulls however, for someone who rants about how much they hate sticker autos, why are you so excited about these?

  6. Im excited about the value of the cards that I pulled more than the cards themselves. With chrome, stickers are a necessary evil I have come to terms with. Plus, these arent built into the design.

  7. I'd be more excited at how rare it is to pull a red refractor :)

    BUT you turned to the dark side that is Bowman chrome, not your trusty ole 4 star partner Topps Chrome.

  8. I am an equal opportunity chromie as long as they both look good.