Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Further Previews From Ultimate Football's Personal Touch

Gregg forwarded me some more examples of the inscriptions that are going to be present in 2009 Ultimate Football. We have some more odd answers, but more importantly, an indication that this set will not be all rookies.

Does anyone know how you could Charbroil an Oyster, or why you would want to? I guess food in New Orleans is weirder than I thought.


  1. Still not feeling them. Thinking about the players I like/collect, still wouldn't give a shit what they liked to eat or watch at all.

  2. That says Charbroil? I thought it said Charlomical. Although I am not sure what Charlomical means.

  3. i have lived 20 miles from new orleans my whole life...have never been a fan of oysters. But I believe he means chargrilled on the halfshell. you grill the oyster on the halfshelf with some cheese on it.