Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fake Walter Payton Legends Autos Show Up On Ebay?

I have already documented countless times the number of fake cards that are out there. They can range from cards with fake patches, trimmed vintage, or even the fake topps rookie premieres that have sprung up. This one is possibly one of the most unusual that I have seen in a long, long time. It has really made me wonder how it happened, or what the circumstances of the cards are, because I am actually shocked that this is going down.

First, some background on this situation. Back in 1997 the UD legends set was released to major fanfare, mainly due to its simple, yet awesome design, and on card signatures of many of the game's true giants of the gridiron. In fact, this set has become so popular over the years, that boxes now sell for a ton, and UD revisited it with an 08 Ultimate Collection update set. The crown jewel of this product has always been Walter Payton, and for most Payton collectors, its has never been challenged as Payton's best autograph card.

Then we have these cards, which I cannot quite tell what the fuck is going on. First off, the autograph is WAAAAAY off, not even close to the ones I know to be real. Yet, despite having seemingly fake autographs, the cards themselves look real. The foil logo is there, the front and back seem correct, with the signature being the only part of these cards that I am questioning. Then I saw that they seem to be cut weird, that there is a diagonal slant to the bottom part of the card, though that may just be my eye looking for something wrong. These are also from two DIFFERENT sellers with a similar looking auto, which raises more questions in my mind. Did the second guy buy one, and now realizes its fake? If the card is fake, how did they do the back hologram and the foil on the front? Why are the ink colors different? Im stumped.




There are a few explanations that I have come up with, however.

1. Payton signed some of the cards differently or these were problem cards that may not have made it into packs because of the awful signature - (very unlikely)

2. The signature on these cards faded, so this idiot wiped the auto off and horribly resigned it to make it look better - (More likely)

3. Upper Deck accidentally included a few cards that werent signed in packs (as has been known to happen), the seller bought or pulled them and signed the signature himself - (very unlikely)

4. Someone at UD leaked a few unsigned cards from the stock room and this guy finished the job - (possible)

5. The seller faked both the cards and the autos - (less likely, but more likely than the other ones)

6. The back scan isnt real and this is a signed base card - (possible)

7. The card is legit?

Im curious to find out what Upper Deck has to say because these auctions need to be pulled right away if they are fake. Of course, if you are going to spend 1200 on a Payton legends, you better make sure its real. I have always stood by the MO that you should never take a chance when it isnt necessary. Why not just buy the real one rather than taking a chance on one that has some questions? Doesn’t make sense to me. Saving money isnt THAT important on a card like this.

As always, watch your ass, and you will be fine.

h/t - FCB

EDIT: The seller came on to the FCB forums and explained that he had taken down the auctions. PSA quick opinion on these cards was "likely not genuine" and it looks like the seller was not the guy who had faked them.


  1. Wow! I googled Donkey Rapers and I got this site. Not what I expected. Anyway, I'm getting so tired of fake autos and patches. I'm just getting in to the hobby, but this crap is seriously scaring me off. I didn't realize it was such a damn problem when I started. I would love to have a high end card or two for my collection, but I don't want to get scammed. Even with all the research you guys do, you still can't be 100% sure what you would be paying for. I guess the best way for me to fight it is to just open my own packs and trade with people I know.

  2. mastaklection is a repspected member. If his is proven right you owe an apology. This posting is not based on fact. You are going to get yourself in trouble one day. Youa re not above laws here in cyberspace ;)