Sunday, December 13, 2009

2009 Triple Threads Is Live, Horrid, Ugly, and Whatever Other Adjective You Can Think Of

Everyone who is a regular reader of this site knows of my personal hatred for the worst set ever conceived/produced on a regular basis. Triple Threads is a crime against collecting, and no surprise, the fucking Joe Collectors love it to death. I guess if you love paying 170 dollars for stickers autos built into the design, ugly concepts, and needless diecut relics shoehorned onto a packed card, this product is for you. Now leave my site forever, as your "kind" isnt welcome here.

The first cards of the year showed up today, rainbow neon colored foilboard and all. I didnt think they could get any worse than last year, but just like Topps always does, they found a way. Who could pass up quarter sized pics of the players with a medival theme? I mean, this stuff is ROZDUCULOS, right?

People who buy this need their heads examined.


  1. Seeing this card gave Percy his migraine.

  2. Gellman, what's the deal with the "relics" in this product? It seems like the disclaimer they put on it would allow them to put jerseys bought at Kmart, never before seen or touched by players, into the patch windows. No one is able to clarify this for me. Are they GU/event-worn/total bullshit???

  3. ew it looks like Ed hardy had a say in this

  4. They look the same as the past two years. Makes me feel like I wanna blow chunks. The jersey pieces....some are not game used.

  5. The Stafford isn't that bad, guess cause its not auto'd.

  6. Gellman,

    What's the deal with slandering the visitors of your site, simply because they have an opinion that differs from your's? Leave the site? Your kind isn't welcome here? Derogatory name-calling (f'ing Joe Collector)? Come on.

    I certainly don't rank Triple Threads as my favorite set of all time, but I also see why many collectors appreciate the set for what it is. Your hatred for all things not produced by Upper Deck really makes some of your posts hard to read, and honestly obscures some otherwise insightful commentary.

    What you leave out when putting UD on your pedestal while unabashedly ripping into Topps and/or Panini is that in today's market, as a case breaker, there is better value in more of Topps'/Panini's mid/higher-range products than much of what UD produces, which of course translates into better value for collectors. One has a much better chance of recouping the cost of a case on Limited, or Donruss Classics, or Absolute, or base Topps, or even Triple Threads than say Ultimate, or Black, or SP Signature, or Exquisite (which can easily lose $1,000 on a $1,500 case). While there's no doubt that UD produces very nice and collectible cards, with awesome memorabilia, creative inscriptions, and on-card autos, the resale value of the average UD case is far below it's cost, making those cards better purchased on the secondary market from the lucky few who pull them, rather than breaking the wax yourself.

    The point here is that this product, and all the others you deride, have value to a great many collectors. While you have an open forum to demean anybody who doesn't think precisely as you do, and you may even get a good number of follows to parrot your feelings, why try to diminish your reader base with insults? You were quick to trumpet the rapid success of your site when you made the announcement about your wife's pregnancy, so why alienate a portion of your readers?

    Just curious.

  7. Troy, my tone on this site has always been that of snarky anger, and for many of the people who come here, that's what they expect. I know you think that UD is my BFF, but in all reality, I just love what they do the most out of the three companies - bottom line. As you said, because I don’t spend my money on cases, my viewpoint may be different than people who do, but again, that’s been explicitly conveyed in the writings of this site.

    Although Topps Chrome still holds the top spot on my list for 2009 product of the year, Triple Threads is far from that, and I have a lot of contempt for the people who go out and support its continued lazy production. Luckily for me, this will be the last year of it, and really, I don’t mind if a few Triple Threads lovers go away because I told them my viewpoint of it. Although I do not ever want to associate myself with people who loud their love for TTT, you have every right to say your commentary as well. Thank you at least for approaching it in a civil fashion and you points are definitely valid. However, I disagree with what you have to say, and my post speaks for itself.