Wednesday, November 4, 2009

UD Tries To Make Good On Favre Icons Redemption Foul

Early in 2008's card year, Upper Deck released their version of Brett Favre's first Jets card. For 2008 Icons, they inserted redemptions for the non-autoed "Broadway Brett" letters that have made Icons such a popular product over the last two years. Since the release, UD has had major problems getting the cards built and sent out, so its been a long wait for the collectors that redeemed them.

To help make up for their late return, UD created two limited edition Brett Favre Vikings cards that will be included with each Letter redemption that are on the verge of being shipped out.

I think its too little too late with these, as the cards shouldnt have taken as long as they have. Regardless, people arent walking away empty handed.

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  1. Getting a card that has a facsimile auto it to make up for how long they have made these people wait is terrible. UD more than dropped the ball in this instance.

  2. Damn this is depressing as a Packers fan living in Minnesota!

    I stumbled upon your blog and I find myself wishing I was a little 5th grader again collecting cards! This site would be an everyday bookmark...Good stuff, keep it up!