Tuesday, November 24, 2009

UD Black Is Live, Looks Cool

UD Black is live and so far it looks pretty good. There are going to be some ups and downs with this product because of the price to bust a box, but for those of us that dont bust for profit (or at all), its going to be great based on these images. Although I hate the fact that the rookies are in their college uniforms, and that some of the paint pens dont look all there, I think these cards more than make up for it:

Plus, in all seriousness, these rookie autos really do look very good, despite the college uniforms. I am not going to go rush out and buy a set of them, but if I pulled this Harvin, it wouldnt be the end of the world. The only thing is, how much cooler would these be with pro unis?

Here is the first quad auto, looks pretty awesome with all the hard signed rookies.

They did end up putting cuts into this set, but they broke the ultimate cut rule and used other cards. That fucking sucks, and I really dont get why they have totally ditched the cuts with player pictures in this industry.

Here is a cool looking dual auto, but the signatures look like stickers.


  1. Yah, those gold paint pen signatures over gold font look absolutely sick!!

    Bust boxes aren't just for people that bust for profit, fine sir. People that buy a box just to collect, they are the one's getting screwed. When you pay 200 bucks for this stuff and you get absolutely no value, that's when you get screwed.

    Obviously, people open a box and then see the going market rate, even if they don't sell.

    At about 80 dollars per autograph, you shouldn't be left with something that's downright awful.

  2. Cool looking cards, except for the cut auto. That one looks "off."

  3. Sure, they look great, but I'm not a fan of the college uniforms or the American flag. What's worse, I hate cards like the Ware in which the auto is on top of words (in this case, his own name). Autos should always have their own space.

  4. I don't like the Ryan or Manning autos on top of the team logos.
    They should stand out more... like the gold pen on black.