Friday, November 20, 2009

Today in UD Redemption News...

SPA this year just got slightly more interesting thanks to this nugget I found in Blowout's case sells sheet.

Per the product info from 2009 SP Authentic Football, there will be redemptions for an ENTIRE rookie patch auto set. Similar, im guessing, to the whole letter set redemptions from baseball, this could be ridiculous.

Now, I dont think this is the first time they have done something like this, as I remember it from past years, but this could be a really good idea to bring back for a strong rookie class. The redemption easily brings $2000-3000 in cash value, as you could easily redeem it and sell the pieces or sell the thing unredeemed.

For me, as a HUGE SPA fan, its nice to see things like this added, though it is just one miniscule part of an already awesome product each year.


  1. Wonder what the odds are and if there are guarantees on the pathces. Like, no one wants a full single color white patch set.

  2. Sounds like they're extending the number of base cards but their also having short printed base cards. Not sure if that bodes well for box breakers, but I'm excited about that news.

  3. Is this an uncut sheet type deal? Those are seriously the neatest shit ever. The uncut sheets from exquisite and the cup are probably my favourite thing ever.

  4. While I think it's a pretty cool promo, once you attach the word redemption to it, the bed just got shit on. Ugh.

  5. Pretty sure the pack searchers could figure out which park one had the entire patch set in it if it wasnt a redemption rob.... Maybe not though, they arent overly bright in general.