Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This Friday Will Definitely Be A Black One!

For those of you who still are digging through eBay auctions for a new F5 button after Blowout's last two sales, Black Friday is going to be right in your wheel house. If you havent stumbled upon the threads over at their forums, they will be having some amazing deals throughout the day, from boxes sold at $11.27 to cases and other products. Its going to be awesome.

Sports Cards Uncensored is going to have a special posted during Black Friday right here on the blog as a part of that sale, so be sure to check back on Friday to have a shot at it.

After the last two sales, this is definitely going to be huge, be sure to have your refresh button ready. Stay tuned to SCU and Blowout for all the deals of the day, they go VERY fast, and I hear there are going to be quite a few freebies as well.

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