Tuesday, November 3, 2009

PSA's Response To The Fake Rookie Premiere Slab

Kevin Ledwith, Division Operations Manager for PSA/DNA offered this response to my email on the fake card. I am utterly speechless:

When an autographed trading card is submitted to PSA for card grading, that is the only service being performed since it was the only service being requested. Autographed cards that come direct from the manufacturer, from 1998-present, are handled as such. The manufacturer is warranting that the autograph is authentic and that autograph is part of the make-up of the card so, in turn, we will grade the card without commenting on the autograph.

We do offer both services, card grading and autograph authentication, but you must request both in order to receive both. In this instance, the original submitter of the card requested only for the card to be graded and not for our opinion on the autograph.

There are a few things that need to be discussed with this response.

1) The card is fake as well as the auto, so his point is moot.

2) PSA is admitting that they slabbed a fake card, yet they are refusing to take responsibility for the possibilities it creates. So, if I send in a real auto card with a replaced fake auto, I can get it graded? That is fucking crap. Lets say I have a Tom Brady auto card. I take off the real sticker and replace it with a fake one. I then take the sticker and put it on another card that is more valuable. I can get the fake one graded because it is a manufacturer's auto card, and it will be sold as real. Fucking wonderful.

3) Why is PSA offering this loophole? Its basically inviting people to exploit their grading policies.

Well guys, I would stay away from PSA from now on, if you arent already.


  1. Grading has always been stupid, now even more so. I don't understand why this hobby attracts so much scum.

  2. Anywhere there is money to be made, people will find a way to take advantage of it.

  3. PSA's response is such a cop out. That was pathetic on their part.

  4. Wow, that is flat out bullshit. So the actual card itself (not just the auto) is a fake?

  5. If the card was real, why destroy an auto that is real by getting rid of it? That makes no sense.

    Plus there are just too many of them, and this is a blue, not a red. I could see them wiping off a blue and replacing it with red, but there is no reason to wipe of a blue and replace it with a blue.

  6. The card is real, and was not wiped. The auto is fake.

    From what I've heard, the Topps employees at the RPS walked away with MANY unsigned cards when they were producing them on-site. Those made their way eventually to scammers (likely 3rd parties and not the Topps employees themselves for obvious reasons).

    It's really that simple, Adam. Do some research next time before you make yourself look foolish on here yet again.

  7. I am always interested in blogs about scams. I look at cards with a more sceptical eye because of them.

    I wonder what BGS would do with such a card?

  8. Yah, this is bullshit.

    Cards that have been tampered with, like trimmed or whatever, receive an altered caveat.

    They have a whole system for grading cards that've been trimmed, whitened, whatever.

    To say that a card that has an fake signature doesn't fall within the boundries of their N-system, is fucking ridiculous.

  9. Backdoored cards should not fall under PSA's defenition of "direct from the mfg." Bullshit copout on their part.

  10. kind of makes you glad that topps will not be licensed by the nfl.