Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Twins' Date With Destiny

As the season wrapped up last year, I was not excited about playing a 1 game playoff against the White Sox in Chicago. Not a good place to be, especially coming off a horrible series against the Royals. They ended up losing 1-0 on a Thome home run, and ended up watching the playoffs from their couches instead of the dugout. This year, its a little different, as the playoff will be played in the dome, and they will have a rookie pitcher to hit off to add to it.

Aside from being happy that the Twins have even made it this far with the team as beat up as it is, their success has been even more of a testament as to Mauer's place as the 2009 AL MVP. The Twins lose Morneau, and Mauer continues at a torrid pace to help his team into a tie on the last day of the season with NO pitching what-so-ever. If Mauer doesnt win, you may see him actually raise his voice for the first time in his life. He has had one of the best seasons in MLB history, and to not end up with the hardware is criminal.

Either way, the Twins do have a much better shot at Winning this year, especially with Baker on the mound and a day off to get themselves together. Funny enough, the Tigers are having problems getting hotel rooms because of Monday Night Football, so maybe that will play into the Twins' improbable playoff run.

Ill be the first to admit, the Twins should NOT be in this position, and they will NOT go far into the playoffs, especially with the Yankees waiting for the winners in New York. But to see Detroit slip the way they have and to see the Twins turn it on, you can bet your ass that they are not going down without a fight.

The game starts at 3 pm PST, so I probably wont even be able to watch it all thanks to a few meetings I have on tuesday, but I will not hesitate to drive 80 down the 405 to make it as soon after the start as I can. Im actually thinking of concealing a radio in my suit, especially if things start out well for the Twins.

Regardless of the outcome, im sure all the Minnesota fans out there are happy to see the dome leave our baseball consciousness for good. After reading that Torii Hunter set himself on fire on a dive for a fly ball, I think its safe to say that outdoor baseball is where its at. That, and when the seats face the opposite outfield instead of the pitchers' mound, I will be happy that my neck wont be sore during a game ever again.

Im hoping that Mauer does amazing on tuesday and shows the idiotic voters who is boss, all on the way to a Twins victory. Although this will probably be the last win for them this year, it was a treat to see them make it this far.

Now, where is my Homer Hanky?


  1. hey adam...the game is on tuesday...not tomorrow....some vikings vs packers game is pushing the twins game till tuesday. Alot of talk about some Brett Favre guy...never heard of the guy. lol..

  2. Dude, game is on Tuesday, you might be able to catch it. I think a friend of mine scored tix, so I'm hoping to be there. Have a great one!

  3. I actually thought today was monday. I guess that happens when you dont get to watch the Vikings until tomorrow.

  4. i'm a big mauer fan and i also think he should be named mvp, but it has been cuddyer that has really been picking up the slack since morneau went down.

  5. I wonder how soon after the Twins season ends will the 2009 AL MVP Joe Mauer hold a press conference to anounce that he has signed a contract with the Vickings to be Brett Favre's backup? I don't care how long it's been since Mauer has played competative football he's still probably better than the Favre alternatives.