Monday, October 19, 2009

Tiger/LeBron Dual Auto Pulled on FCB

I am one of the people who thinks 09-10 Exquisite is an amazing product due to the cards you can pull. Although the box breaks have been craptacular for people who have risked their money, some of the cards are absolutely ridiculous. Thems the breaks, literally.

One of the FCB users broke two cases and came away with a few great cards, including one of the most valuable modern cards ever produced. Not only is it multicolored patches from two of the most expensive players you can pull, but it is also inscribed by both. Could possibly break the 10,000 dollar value ceiling that is usually present on modern cards if he puts it on eBay.


  1. That's an amazing card! However, I'm a little wary of the high prices LeBron cards fetch. His cards are treated like he is Michael Jordan. He is not in the same class as Tiger or MJ. There's no guarantee he wins any championships. I'd feel a lot better about dropping a ton on a Tiger/MJ card. If I owned a LeBron Exquisite Rookie Auto I would be holding my breath every season hoping he can win a championship.

  2. Nice card, but the placement of the swatches fails.