Monday, October 26, 2009

NFL Rookie Battle Royale: Week 7

For this week, I missed most of the action from being in San Diego for work, but after going through each game, looks like the rookies had a good week. Too bad my Vikings did not. Regardless, we also had a debut we had waited almost half a season for, and a few performances that impressed beyond expectations.

Mark Sanchez

Dirty finally shook off the interception bug, even though it was against one of the worst teams around. He threw for only 143, but had 2 TDs to offset that. Im guessing a lot of Jets fans were just happy they pitched a shutout, but I expected a little more from the rookie that is fixing to be the top value guy for the year.

Shonn Greene

For the first time, Sanchez wasn’t the focus of the rookie lens this week, as Shonn Greene had a ridiculous game at 144 and 2 TDs. One TD came after it was already decided, but he is the front runner right now for the rookie of the week. Leon Washington must have had an injury, and Greene did a great job filling in. Best game of any rookie RB so far, crazy that it came against the Raiders, right?

Michael Crabtree

Im not going to take him out of the graveyard quite yet, but he had a respectable debut with 5 catches for 56 yards. At least he showed he can be somewhat productive, though I think he will get better as he shakes off the rust. He didn’t explode, but definitely was the namesake for a few creative jerseys I saw in the 49er bar in San Diego.

Mike Wallace

Its tough for any Pittsburgh rookie to fly under the radar, but in terms of talk, Wallace is putting up one hell of a rookie campaign without much coverage. His values were high to begin with because he plays for the Steelers, but 72 and a TD will definitely help you out. Wallace's TD was a good showing as to why the Vikings pass defense may cost them a trip deep in the playoffs, but he played a great game either way.

Hakeem Nicks

Nicks showed AGAIN why he is probably going to be the rookie WR of the year. Another TD, 80 yards, and a league lead in receiving TDs after a Knox mediocre game. Nicks has become a key cog in the NY passing offense, even though they got beat by the Cardinals.

Percy Harvin

Harvin was back returning kicks again after he aggravated his shoulder last week, and I was surprised to see him fly. Harvin ran back his second TD of the year, giving him 4 total TDs so far, as well as a few that set the Vikings up near the 50. He also caught 3 for 42, so a great game for a guy who is banged up.

Brian Hartline

Hartline caught 3 for 94 in a Dolphins game that they should have won, but they played like crap in the 4th quarter. He is a guy that I didnt know much about coming into the year, but he went to OSU, so you know he is going to get a bump this week in value. He does have a TD from week 4 against Buffalo, but hasnt done much else besides this game (10 for 157). I also dont believe he was a Rookie Premiere guy.

Austin Collie

This guy had another TD this week (though the game was over when he did), and continues to make me scratch my head as to where he is coming from. It helps when Peyton Manning is throwing you the ball, but still is impressive when you are pretty much unknown.

Beanie Wells

He finally got into the action with a TD, and against a good rush defense to boot. He ended up with 67 yards, so it wasn’t a stellar performance, but rushing is not the focus of his team with Fitz and Boldin around. Hightower is still getting all the goal line carries, which means that Beainie is not going to have many TDs. Im still not sold on him.

The Rookie Graveyard

Darrius Heyward-Bey - Its really too bad that he was drafted to the Raiders so high, as I think he could have been much better in a place that isnt a graveyard for the whole team.

Beanie Wells - had a TD, but still in the midst of a disappointing year.

Michael Crabtree - After holding out for the first 6 games, he needs to do better than 56 yards before getting out of here.

Brandon Pettigrew - Bye week.


  1. Nicks won't get WR rookie of the year(is there even one) Got lucky on a tip ball. See ya at the end of the year when Wallace leads all like does now in receptions an yards.


  2. There isnt one, but there are so many good rookie wide receivers this year they should have their own award.

    Wallace may lead in yards, but has also played 2 more games than Nicks. Right now, Nicks is at the top.

  3. in you opinion at the top lol and only yours..Um not his fault he stays healthy. Let alone he is the #3 wr where nicks is in somes people mind the gmens #1 or #2. Oh yeah a 1st rnd draft choice too compared to a 3rd..


  4. Nicks is #3 on the depth chart behind Manningham and Smith, and he has put up as good of numbers as Wallace in two less games. Add in that people like Knox and Harvin also have more total TDs as wallace, and there is quite a jumble at the top.

    Nicks - 16 for 315 4 tot TDs 19.7 yds/catch
    Wallace - 21 for 368 2 tot TDs 17.5 yds/catch
    Harvin - 23 for 285 4 tot TDs 12.4 yds/catch
    Knox - 21 for 266 4 tot TDs 12.7 yds/catch

  5. You can say #3 all youwant. My brother is a season ticket holder and he and hsi corporate box holders say Nicks is by far the at least #2 when healthy and gets more looks when in.. Steve Smith is not a #1. Was on a run but will come back down to earth. Enough with the total TD's. Returners do not get squat for accolades. talk to you at the end of the season. I am just ahome loving that the Steelers found a 3rd rounder as good as any 1st rounder