Thursday, October 22, 2009

GAI Has Made A Deal With The Devil

A few weeks ago, I posted on Kevin Burge and his fake Pujols Bowman Chrome Autos being shopped around and denied authentication by the big three. Unfortunately, after seeing some recent sales on his shoeless-joejackson account, it seems as though douchebag 1 himself has found a partner in crime. Per some unconfirmed inside sources, Global Authencators (GAI) has made a deal with Burge that allows him free reign over his slabs, in exchange for a lot of money that they are hurting for. I cant say if the context of my source is correct, but the end results speak for themselves:

These autographs are 100% fake, signed by Burge and his band of thieves. Though GAI may not be in direct cahoots with him, they are definitely enabling his criminal douchebaggery. Guys, Burge is as much of a devil as anyone in this hobby, and it scares me to think that he is gaining favor among those companies that are being destroyed by the economy. He has already made a small fortune on his criminal empire, and his money is something they need desperately. This only creates a huge problem for the uniformed people out there, especially those who trust shitty authenticators like GAI.

Here is a list of completed auctions from his Shoeless screen name, you can see its not just autos. He has also tried to do the perfect 10 thing too. If anyone knows how to get operation bullpen involved, this would be the place to start. I have Burge's personal address from my sources if needed. We know eBay wont do anything, and its become obvious that Burge will find every crack he can to begin the flood of fakes into the market.

Watch your ass before Burge sticks his tiny dick in it.

EDIT: Here is a card that makes me lean towards them being in bed together. Its a Jay Bruce auto card that is authenticated with a fake Johnny Gomes signature. Not even the dumbest of authenticators would do something like that, especially with the facsimile auto right below it. EPIC FAIL.


  1. That is amazing that GAI would just blindly accept anything of this nature. A grading company aligning themselves with Kevin is dangerous for the company and the hobby.

    Who in their right minds would ever authenticate a card with an incorrect auto on it?

  2. GAI has really gone downhill. I bought a GAI graded 7.5 Roberto Clemente rookie a while back and sent it to PSA to be graded. Came back a 5.5. GAI was started by one of the founders of PSA, but obviously does not hold the same standards in grading.

  3. GAI has also had recently graded a whole bunch of old wax of questionable authenticity (i.e. some of it's been resealed). Apparently they were pretty clearly resealed after broken from the now weaker plastic holder, but got through the process anyway. A whole bunch of the guys who buy these packs won't touch anything with a new GAI grade from now on.