Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2009 Limited Is Live!

Over on the blowout forums, there is already a six box break of limited that has been posted. Although the base cards look like they were produced on set during the Empire Strikes Back, the limited patch autos that are always the focus of the set look AWESOME. At least, as long as most of them look like these:

HOW FUCKING COOL ARE THOSE TEAM NAME CUT OUTS? I will stand by the fact that the NFL word variant logos are some of the best logos in sports, and I applaud Panini for using them as a diecut pattern. So awesome.

Also, the Limited Slideshows look good as well, busy as hell, but defintely better than last year. Here are a few that were posted:

Yet, for every good looking card in the set, there are ones that look like pure Panini poop. And when I say poop, I mean nasty ass mudbutt shit. The kind that just reeks up the whole house.

I still wouldnt buy any boxes of it, but I definitely will be looking for some singles. Here's hoping that there arent any more Harvin redemptions.

EDIT: Hakeem Nicks is a redemption. Now seriously, you had these rookies at the premiere for one sole reason: TO SIGN THEIR FUCKING STUFF. Extremely poor planning that you dont have the ROOKIE sigs all ready to go after that. You know the needs you will have, you know that they will be a captive audience to sign everything, so why didnt they sign? The fact that there are redemptions for these STICKERS is absolutely fucking ridiculous.


EDIT 2: Percy Harvin is also a redemption. What the fuck? How poor of planning can it get? EPIC FAIL.

EDIT 3: Tyson Jackson is the third player AT THE FUCKING PREMIERE to have redemptions in Limited. HO-LEE-SHIT. LEGENDARY FAIL.

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  1. It has been a while since I stopped by, but DAMN! Those team cut out names are awesome-looking.

    BTW, I do have your blog in my Blog Roll that I added back recently.

    Good stuff as always buddy!