Friday, September 18, 2009

These Are Ridiculous Cards

Right now, two cards are up on eBay that will never be produced ever again. In fact, they are custom 1-of-1s produced by Upper Deck for a collector, both of which have sold for over $14K together.

After some detective work by the users over on freedom card board, they have figured out that these cards were likely used as part of a settlement due to the counterfeit Ruth quad cut auto that was featured on HBO, and possibly one other situation. For the Ruth quad, More than one of the card's cut autos were found to be fake, and Upper Deck had to make good for the collector who spent thousands to obtain the card.

The users speculated that Upper Deck either offered or was forced to provide these cards, which are not part of any set, and are not ever going to be available ever again in any product. The Tiger features two player worn swatches and an auto, and the LeBron/Jordan features two of the best autos I have ever seen on one of their cards, as well as a GU swatch from each. They are foil numbered 1/1, and could actually be two of a few others. Im guessing there is at least a Jeter/Griffey card that he may have kept.

Either way, I have an email in to Chris Carlin, maybe more light will be shed on this subject.


  1. Nobody will talk as per the seller of the auction said

    The stipulations as set forth in the Card Exchange Agreement between me and Upper Deck prohibit both parties from divulging the details of this Agreement. Therefore I, along with Upper Deck, am legally unable to provide any additional information other than what is in my listing. Be assured however that this card is definitely legit and genuine.

  2. I love how bigtime sellers use a 2nd acct and then play all innoncent like the guy is stupid
    Another question off his listing

    "Hello, Where the heck do you get this one of one stuff. Its incredible. Just wondering, would you be interested in selling right now directly via paypal for $4500? I will send payment asap. thanks"