Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sometimes You Just Get Lucky

After seeing how good the blue refractors look this year out of Topps Chrome football, I went to target and bought a blaster. I didnt really get much out of it, that is, until the last pack:

Its numbered 21/649, and is selling well after his start this year. For a 20 dollar blaster, its a pretty nice thirty to fourty dollar card, perfectly centered and with great corners and edges. The scan is cropped, so dont use that as reference.

Oddly enough, this is the second year in a row that I have pulled a good copper out of a retail blaster, though this one is much timelier than the McFadden I pulled late from 2008 chrome.Im debating whether or not to sell, mainly because of the fact that it wont cost me much if he flops and does nothing for the rest of the year. If he does well, I could be sitting on a few more bucks later on. Either way, ill just keep it with the rest of the Chrome I have from this year until I decide. I am starting to realize how much I have done, it sure looks like a lot in my box, more than last year definitely.

Speaking of Chrome addiction, anyone got any support groups they know of? I could use one.


  1. Nice pull man. I have been getting killed on it this year.

    Notice the sticker on the ball though. Nice work Topps.

  2. Not a bad looking product but I just can't get down with Topps. Even if this is the Cadillac of their line it is surrounded by Buick, Lincons and sh!tty Pontiac.

    Nice grab though.

  3. Very nice. I pulled a regular refractor of this card a couple of weeks ago. Something about the hologram look that makes these cards that much better.

  4. Notice the sticker on the ball though. Nice work Topps.

    Hahaha, I was wondering about that.