Monday, September 14, 2009

SCU Breaks: 2009 Topps Chrome Three Box Break

My three boxes of Topps Chrome came in today, and I think I did pretty good. Not great, but good enough to be happy. I ended up with a few really nice refractors, and one nice autos. Ive laid out each box, the third definitely being the best.


Darrius Heyward-Bey
Andre Brown
Jason Smith
Zack Follett
James Davis
Josh Freeman
Aaron Brown
Mike Mickens
Jeremy Maclin
Nate Davis
Brian Cushing
Marko Mitchell

Rhett Bomar
Roddy White
Senderrick Marks
Matt Hasselbeck
Rashad Jennings
Jeremy Shockey
Mike Goodson
Ernie Sims

Copper Refractors:
Marques Colston
Keith Bullock

Rookie Autograph
Shonn Greene


Tyson Jackson
Tiquan Underwood
Brandon Gibson
Michael Johnson
Brian Orakpo
Kevin Ellison
Brandon Underwood
Andre Smith
Pat White
Larry English
Michael Hamlin
Cornelius Ingram

Drew Brees
Hakeem Nicks
Kevin Smith
Vernon Davis
Chase Coffman
Jerod Mayo
Brandon Tate
Kenny McKinley

Copper Refractors:
Anquan Boldin
Michael Crabtree

Rookie Auto:
Brian Cushing


Matthew Stafford
Alphonso Smith
Austin Collie
Mike Wallace
Brandon Pettigrew
Manuel Johnson
Connor Barwin
Beanie Wells
Everette Brown
Louis Delmas
Robert Ayers
Peria Jerry

Manuel Johnson
Brandon Pettigrew
Robert Ayers
Peria Jerry
Chad Ochocinco
Chad Pennington
Aaron Kampman
Brandon Marshall

Copper Refractors:
Percy Fucking Harvin (YES!)
Chad Pennington

Red Refractors:
Ray Maualuga 12/25

Rookie Autograph:
James Laurinaitis (Pulled in every product so far)

If you would like any of the non-rookie base cards, please email me so I can give you the address to send a self addressed stamped envelope to. If you are interested in any of the bigger hits, let me know as well.

I am pretty fucking excited to pull the Harvin copper, as I can add it to my collection I have so far. I have the auto, the refractor and the copper now, making three out of a billion.

Pretty cool to break this much product in a row too, as the first box was not making me happy. Of course, pulling fucking Crabtree as my copper right after he pretty much solidified the fact that he is going back for seconds in 2010, was also pretty disheartening.

Im happy regardless, though. Thats gonna be it for a while, so Im glad I got it out of my system.



  1. Gellman, I want the base cards... can I send you a couple of $$ via paypal for postage??

  2. I dont have any shipping supplies, so sending the envelope would be better. Not sure yet.

  3. are you willing to trade?
    my email is if you are

  4. Nice breaks, man. That Harvin copper is amazing, and I'll happily trade you the BJ Raji I pulled for it.

    Are you looking to move the Shonn Greene at all? I'm guessing you're a Gophers fan and you don't want a lousy Hawkeye in your collection!

  5. WR crazy on the copper refractors, huh?

  6. Hey, I just opened a few boxes of this stuff and I love it as well. Pulled a black refractor auto of Maclin last night. As a Giants fan, I'd love to dump it (hah), but was just wondering if you though it'd be worth hanging onto for a little while. His debut was, well, non-existant, but I think he's got potential. Thanks.

  7. Cool, man. I pulled a Kenny Britt black refractor auto out of a fresh box #25/25.