Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Quick Comment on Product Delays

So, Blowout has just announced that SPX has been pushed back, thus adding to the growing list of products that havent made it out on the expected date. Instead of releasing next week, the product is now two weeks away, hopefully hitting shelves at that open date in the calendar. Its not too big of a deal, just a growing trend in the market that seems out of place. Im sure this is a result of adding Vick and Favre to the product, as well as a crowded date on the 23rd, but its also frustrating for the collectors who were anticipating the release.

Chrome and a few other products including the flagship Topps have had experiences like this as well, and its beginning to seem almost like a game to see who can jockey their products to the best position. Hopefully this will only be a minor delay.