Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jesus is the Derek Jeter of Christianity

Fire Joe Morgan was so good at what they did that Im actually positive that there were a few tears shed about their departure from writing about baseball. Actual tears, not fake virtual "OMG Dont Leavez!" tears. They have had one last go of it over on, and I think I may have hurt myself laughing at their destruction of some articles written by morons who call themselves sports writers. Obviously after this post I wrote last week, their discussion of an article calling for Derek Jeter to be AL MVP was my favorite. Just fucking amazingly funny and well written, all of which are obviously absent here on this blog. Do yourself a favor and read.


  1. Dude for real. You lose street cred hating Jeter. Stick to football and wonderboy Mauer


  2. I don't care who you are (except maybe Marie?), that is funny. Fun-ny. This needs to be an annual day at Deadspin.

    And now, if I may for a moment:
    "Dear NY Times:
    Stop with the Mr. nonsense. You're not fooling anyone. Just stop it."

    Also, Tigers win!

  3. Long live FJM!!!

    And yes, unfortunately, I think your boy Mauer, despite all reasonableness, is doomed for the MVP.

  4. There are sure a lot of aticles about jeter MVP talk lately. Its getting scarier by the day.