Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Have A Few Questions About Bowman Sterling After Seeing This

Fast forward through the A & G to see Topps' latest high end fail.

First, who thought it was a good idea to produce cards that look like mugshots? What. The. Fuck.

Second, I am wondering why the board they printed on looks like a rave in cardboard form. So distracting.

Third, was it really THAT important to stuff that swatch in there on the rookie autos? What does it add?

Seriously, anyone who is going to pay 250+ for this crap needs their head checked. There wasnt one single reason to go after any of the cards the way they looked here.


  1. I agree that the photography (photoshoppery) is weak at best. I didn't think the design was that bad overall for a high end product; it could have been much worse. Although, you are right about the swatch/auto BS that puked all over the product.

    I think in thier minds the justification for the $250 tag is the fact that there are at least three hits per pack. Good luck trying to recoup that box price on single sales though. Most of those "hits" would be lucky to get $7-8 on the Bay.

  2. I like the design of these cards, but yah -- the mugshots are nasty. Weren't these supposed to be on-card autos, btw? I can't really tell.

    There also appears to be a lot of junk autographs in this product.

    Did he get a first rounder auto, other than Pettigrew? I'll be buying singles of this, for sure. That break was sickening though.

  3. The guy was pretty protective of his cards when he broke his boxes, so I didnt get a great look, but the cards looked like they were stickers.