Thursday, September 10, 2009

Could A Scrub Be The Most Expensive Chrome Auto Of The Year?

Demetrius Byrd played his college ball at LSU, was picked late in the 7th round of the NFL draft, and Topps couldnt even get a uniformed pic of him for the cards they produced. Crazy enough, the odds of pulling his auto out of chrome are MORE THAN the odds of pulling a Superfractor, thus making this cardthe most expensive scrub auto ever made.

Now, this could easily be a mistake, but Byrd's odds are listed at 1:7000 packs for his autograph. To pull a 1/1 superfractor, the odds are one in just under 3700 packs. Im guessing that if the odds are true, Topps must not have gotten many signed stickers back from him, therefore limiting the amount produced and inserted. There were enough to put him on the checklist, but so few that the odds are closer to one every 24 cases. Based on that, you can expect that the amount of Byrd's total signatures are less than any other player ever produced in a Chrome set. Crazy.

Factor in that Topps Chrome is one of the most widely collected sets of the year, and this autograph may be worth more than most of the other players from the past few years. Rarity drives price in these cases, and saying this card is Rare is an understatement.


  1. Where do you find the odds for one auto?

  2. Group A odds are 1:7000, and Byrd is the only player listed in group A.

  3. You know, I've always wondered why card companies don't create a set where the scrubs are numbered really low and the stars get higher production. I know that's not the way to sell boxes because fans want to chase the great card of the great player. But for those of us who buy singles and collect sets, I always thought it would make it more interesting to buy a lineman card numbered to 100 instead of those numbered to 1000.

  4. Byrd can play if he can ever recover from his injury. I love the guy and I really hope he sticks.

    Say he recovers fully, he's got a shot of being a solid number 2. If he's opposite a number 1, like someone great, he could easily put up number 1 WR numbers.

    There's probably only about a 5% shot of this ever happening, but he's definitely a player to follow if you like the chargers.

    A lot of people that buy sports cards look at the round rather than talent, so you'll be able to get Byrd on the cheap.

    Byrd could probably add another 5-10lbs easily, and still run a 4.4ish. If you're taller than 6' and can run sub-4.4, you've got a spot in the NFL.