Thursday, September 3, 2009

Brett Favre Mania: Holy Crap Edition

Brett Favre mania is kicking up a few storms in the hobby, and a situation like the Threads card auction doesn’t surprise me one bit. Mario reported that the first auction is over and the card has sold for over eighty dollars. This is top dollar for a card that has 4,000+ copies, has no auto, no relic, and no serial numbering. In fact, there are some Favre autos you can purchase for around that amount. Im not sure why anyone would like an ugly base card when you can have the signature of the guy himself.

I think this proves that after the recent preseason game, and a summer full of hype and circus, collectors are going ape shit for Favre in enemy colors. I have said that of the three that are being produced for release in the next month, Finest, SPX and this Threads version, the design is by far the worst on Panini's. The pic is much better than the others, which will play as it did here, but that game shot doesn’t excuse the massive price this got.

I would understand if this was out of the Topps base or chrome set, as Topps collectors have been known to go to extreme lengths to complete their set, a la Michael Vick's banned chrome card in 2007. This is Threads, however, a set that not many buy for the base - especially this year.

I want to see what the first Favre Viking auto card will go for. That sale will be as crazy as this, I guarantee that.


  1. What do they say about a fool and his money?

  2. Oh, and I checked the bid history on that card - bid war between a dude with ZERO feedback and a dude with seven feedback.

    Wonder if this guy will ever get paid?

  3. Either way, it sets a precedent.

  4. This reinforces my general disdain for humanity as a whole.

  5. I had written a story the other day covering another auction for a Favre Viking card that is ending today. This one is at $36.00 with less then an hour left.