Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The UD Blog and Educating The Masses

A couple of weeks ago, Toby from the UD blog asked me to put together a piece designed to help new collectors start up in the hobby. We settled on a series that should be published periodically focusing on questions a lot of people have, mainly with transitioning from a love of sports to a love of cards.

The first article is up now, I encourage you to check it out. I know a few other card bloggers are also working on posts as well, so be sure to keep checking out the updates.

Im personally glad that UD has reached out to the network of people around the net to get some outside perspective on the hobby. Kudos to them for tapping into our vast body of knowledge.

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  1. Nice article, but my guess is that UD heavily edited it. For example, I can't imagine that it was your idea to shill for Upper Deck Authenticated like that.

  2. It is the UD site, and they are making a big push for UDA stuff, I did it for that. If only they had sent me some UDA stuff for the plug! Haha.

  3. Gellman you suck just as much as Beckett does.

    Go eat a cheesburger

  4. Send me your junk Gellman, and i'll send you some Taco Bell coupons

  5. Kearse90 - eating one right now, thanks!

    sendmeyourjunk - not really a Taco Bell fan, thanks though.

  6. I got to be honest, you did much better with the Tuff Stuff articles.

    Did they give you a list of items you had to mention so they could link to?

  7. I think it's strange that UD would put a direct link to your blog when it has more F-bombs than Scarface. Not the best of PR moves. As much as you complain out Panini/Beckett, you sure have your tongue up the ass of the most corrupt card company in the history of collecting. Ahh double standards! Gellman hearts UD!

  8. totally agree ryan, gellman your losing your credibilty.

    A couple of weeks ago you blasted topps magic for numerous reason but the biggest was because your sick of the retro sets now philly comes out by UD and you hail it the best so far of the year--if your sick of something your sick of it no matter who makes it

  9. If you think I am losing credibility, thats fine, its your opinion. You can certainly stop reading any time you like. I just think its funny that despite all the people who cant stand this site, just about all of them still come here every single day.

    For the record, I blasted Topps Magic because it sucked. The cards looked awful, it was poorly put together, and they had sticker autos that looked ridiculous on the cards. The reason I "hailed" Philly was because of the way it was designed. I will not go and buy any boxes, or collect the set, its not my thing. However, as a product, the autograph cards look AMAZING, and the full game shots on the cards make this product something that people will love.