Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sometimes Things Just Fall Into Place...

Earlier this week, my comissions came through from work and I found myself with a few extra dollars. Thanks to good work performances, I got an extra $500 amex gift card due to my winning a contest, which has provided me with an opportunity to get some cards I was eyeing. I wanted to get a Peterson SPA, but due to eBay gift card policies, I was only able to get a $200 card with the amex, leaving $300 to use at my disposal other places online.

First, I wanted to use part of the money to get some wax that I knew I would never spend actual money on. So, I bought 2 boxes of 2008 SPA, a product I was not able to buy at release because of lack of disposable income. Blowout will be shipping them to me, and I will be breaking them here next week. Then, I went to the local shop and spent the other 100 on a box of Philadelphia and a few cards I had won on the auction board. Per my usual luck I pulled a Mario Williams auto and two crap jerseys that I gave to a fan at the store.

With the other 200 I had to spend on eBay, I bought a 2009 Philadelphia Adrian Peterson National Chilcle Mini auto that should be numbered to five and a few Percy Harvin cards I liked. The card I bought is a redemption, but after seeing that he had signed all of his Black cards, I thought there may be a chance that the card would be in stock. Luckily, I was right, and the card should be shipped soon.

So, for my 500 bucks, I ended up with 2 Harvin autos, 3 boxes, and a ridiculously great looking and low numbered Peterson auto. Too bad I couldnt get the SPA, but she will be mine. Oh yes... She will be mine.


  1. Wait a minute. The man who hates retro products bought a box of a retro product? The world is weird.

  2. I wanted to support the local shop and I didnt want to buy rookies and stars. Philly was cheap and had on card sigs.

  3. Gellman, I don't know what the price difference for you, but in the strange world of Canadia, it's not even a 10 dollar difference.

    I bought a single box of Philadelphia and cursed the product. Leaf R&S has proven to be a lot nicer, at least the quality of their junk gus.

    By no means did I make out like a bandit, but compared to the Deuce McAllister & Santonio Holmes GU & Jerry Porter redemption, I'll take this:

    Leaf R & S

  4. The price difference is minimal here, as well, but I say in complete honesty that most of the cards in Rookies and Stars could be the worst I have ever seen. Just everything is awful.

    Philadelphia, to me, has some amazingly cool cards, especially the chicle autos, which is what I am going after.

  5. Chichle's obviously the saving grace, but if you're buying a box of something because you like the case hit, you're probably pretty jaded.

    I can't help but look at what I'm probably going to get. In Philadelphia, it's a fairly nice looking on-card which is awesome, but there's some really nasty names on the checklist. You're also going to get a couple junk gu's.

    In Leaf, and I can only go on 3 boxes, you're going to get a patch, a rookie auto/gu of some variety, a rookie gu of some variety, and another junk autograph.

    It's obviously preference, but the only cards I think are really ugly are the Portis + Turner patches.

  6. We need to talk about that Mario Williams card. ;)