Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ok, Now Its Official With Favre

I have posted a futher expose on my opinions of the Favre signing on the UD Blog, be sure to check it out. I am definitely not going to hail the Vikings as Super Bowl favorites now that Favre has signed, thats a given. I mean, they dont wear purple for fun, right? Its from choking all these years.

Either way, Favre is definitely an improvement over what we have, but dont place your bets until he actually makes it onto the field. Who knows with our luck.

You can check out my full reaction here.


  1. Here comes the circus with Bret's ego and Vikings incompetence of handling the situation. Why trade for a possible starting QB if you are NOT gonna to start him? Also why keeping Sage and Tavaris Jackson in the dark? Both guys like the rest of the team busted their butts in training camp. Now they are most likely sitting on the bench when a guy decides to unretire for millionth time, go into camp, and automatically becomes starter when he never worked with anyone on the team.

  2. Coyote, you can do that when you own practically every passing record to date.

  3. Hahaha, haha.

    Seriously, Brett Favre and his torn rotator cuff are going to set the Vikings back a few years. There's a good quarterback within Tavaris, somewhere. If you forget the Indy game, Sage is also incredibly solid. He definitely proved his worth in the Big-12, and I'm glad that kid's still chuggin' along.

    Either way, Brett Favre is going to go bat-shit crazy. For the Vikings to get to the Superbowl, I'd hope for a 18-20TD/8-10INT from their quarterback. I don't know if Favre can do this, to be honest.

    There are a myriad of reasons why Favre is a terrible fit for the Vikings.

    With that said, the Vikings are going to be in a lot of close games in the NFCN and I bet Favre loses more of them than he wins.

  4. Gellman, I think this is going to be interesting with Favre in a positive way. I say this because Favre will be:

    1. Getting shots at Green Bay
    2. Increase revenue for Minnesota
    3. Increase revenue for the Vikings
    4. We could see Minnesota Wide Receivers play like we've never had seen them play before (motivational factors).

    Yes I hate the circus media that goes along with him but I think this will be interesting and I hope it can give some focus to the offense. I hope it works out for them.

  5. wow Gellman, I don't even know what to say.

    Is he a bigger tool than you? just maybe


  6. Id agree that they shoudl be a favorite, maybe as the 5th-6th best team in the NFL now.

  7. LOL!@Weekly NFL Picks

    5th or 6th best team in the NFL now? God, that's hilarious!

    Favre is in decline. Why is this not obvious to everybody? Look at his last few games with the Jets last year - can you say nose dive?