Thursday, August 6, 2009

Michael Crabtree's Adivsor Needs His Head Adjusted

Michael Crabtree thought he should have been drafted top three, we get it. The other 9 teams before the niners, obviously thought differently. Now, thanks to some greedy thinking from his agent, Crabtree wants top pick money or he will sit out the season and re-enter the 2010 draft.

Fuck the heck is he thinking??

So, you are ditching millions of dollars in guaranteed money for the CHANCE that you would get picked above where you are right now, even though you wont be playing the whole year? Are you fucking bat shit crazy? Why would you even consider this? Even though the draft pick signing honor system is ridiculous, its still a widely accepted system to prevent situations like this.

Per pro football talk this whole thing may be an agenda put on by Crabtree's advisor to get things done the way he wants in the future, but in reality, its damaged (possibly destroyed) any positive feelings the niners had towards Crabtree.

When it comes to the cards, this could also damage just about any chances that Crabtree has of maintaining any value headway he has made. Bad for us. I know I had high hopes for his potential, but now I just see another possible Maurice Clarett type draft dilemma.

Although I know the Niners will probably cave in some what, but the damage is done. Too bad for that.

h/t 1st and Goal


  1. Personally as a Niners fan, I'm starting to get flashbacks to the whole T.O fiasco but at least with T.O he actually proven himself on the field but with Crabtree he hasn't done squat on the field and for all I know he could be the next Mike Williams.

  2. something tells me that regardless of what happens, Crabtree will still end up make more money then the entire lot of us.

    does this have something to do with the CBA? and the potential for no cap for a season or two in the next couple of years.

  3. it wasn't his agent who said this, it was his "advisor" a.k.a cousin

  4. its all good, i actually posted about this tonight too, check it out (

  5. Sad thing about this is that we are going to see more and more of this in the years to come and I'm afraid it will become a normal practice for any Rookie with half ass potential. So be prepared for the future of Drafts that don't count and guys sitting out until they get paid for doing nothing. Screw the team and your supposed to play for ( maybe prove something? ) it's all about that quick money and I want it now mentality. Welcome to the future of the NFL Draft and players. Grant

  6. As far as I understand the uncertainty around the CBA actually works against Crabtree. The potential for slotted salaries is fairly high on the owners agendas to avoid crap like this.

    Personally, I figured some of the guys like Bradford and uh.. CJ Spiller, would come out this year to avoid the shit-show that may ensue.

    As is generally the case with unions, current members could care less about future members which means salary slotting will probably be one of the concessions.

    Either way, Crabtree denied this ASAP and i'm sure his agent lost his shit. The NFL more than any other league will devalue talent based on the "problem" tag (just ask Mr. Moss.)

    Crabtree should get his ass in camp and back up all the shit talking. He needs to understand that while he was clearly the best receiver in college, his talents hardly translate to the NFL at the same level. He's not that big (Nicks), not that fast (Heyward-Bey), not really all that quick (Maclin.) Crabtree's just a good receiver, with great body control.