Saturday, August 22, 2009

Laziness Can Lead to a Lot of Things

I remember back two or three years ago when collectors would go after the Fabric of the Game cards like they made your dick longer or something. They were some of the best cards from the non grilled sandwich version of Donruss, and even I thought they deserved a place in my collection.

When I first saw this year's edtion of the set I had my doubts about how the final product would turn out. Now that I have stumbled across a few more previews of the cards, my doubts have turned into full on loathing.

You see, instead of going with cards that actually look good, Donini has decided that busy and distracting designs are better than the simplicity of the past. Seems to be a pretty common thing these days, as just about every preview they put out burn my eyes into submission.

Here is what I mean:

Does anyone know where to look? These cards are so ridiculous that I am actually having a hard time finding the players at first glance. What happened to cards like this instead?

So much better.

The problem is that Donini has taken a set that many collect and shot it Plax-style in its leg. Even the swatches on the new cards look fucking gross to the point where I actually have to run my finger over the screen to follow the design. Its almost busy enough to cause seizures like the Pokemon cartoons. Then I saw this:

Im guessing that the card design team was going for a 2009 Donruss Threads: Empire Strikes Back type of feel to it. Im serious, these are fucking awful beyond all rational thought. Which executive would actually look at a set based on that design and say, "YES! Do it! Do it!"?

Maybe the same guy who thought this card was a good idea:

I dont know what it is anymore, its almost like people are too stupid to realize how bad its really gotten. Maybe once Donini actually realizes that this is the worst year of DLP products, ever, things can heal. Its unfortunate to say that for the first time, im actually scared for national treasures. Yeah, its gotten to that point now.


  1. Damn right. Those designs are bad and what you say about not knowing where to look is spot on. My eyes are going crazy all over the card and then I look at the older style pic below and it's just so much more pleasing to look at.
    If even a regular guy like me with no artistic skill at all can realize that that design is beserk, then why can't paid professionals?

  2. Those things are really hard on the eyes.

  3. After looking at that, I think I need an adjustment for my lasik...good lawd those are ugly...

  4. I personally like the McNabb design. But as for those combo jerseys...gross. There is way too much going on there. The Threads base could be fixed by putting the player name back where it belongs: on the bottom of the card

  5. Haha, it's football collectors fault. They don't appreciate subtly as a group. They want the gaudiest, "sickest", OMFGish shit that a company can turn out.

    With that said, the Leaf could be tolerable if they'd just dim it down a bit. Hopefully it's a lesson learned about matching the color to the swatch.

    Take a lot how a 2 second adjustment layer makes the damn thing look tolerable.

  6. When did they decide to make Threads and Leaf Certified the exact same product? For that matter, you can throw in Leaf Limited. They are now all the same product with different inserts.

    I actually liked the Threads design last year. Basic white/cream color with the team helmet logos in the upper corners. I thought it was different and nice.

    Please tell me what the point of Threads is now? Seriously. The letterman are done better in Limited. The patches are better in Leaf Certified. What's the point?

    Just drop it and add more content to the other products.

  7. I cant believe Graham Harrell is still in new Donini sets. I put up with the first few because he could have signed at any point, but now its just getting stupid to get a "hit" of a player that isn't in the NFL and has no shot of being this year. Guess they got a really good deal on his signing fee.

  8. Man that Deacon is nice. I used to look forward to Donruss releases, now it's pure crap. This is a bad year so far in football.