Monday, August 17, 2009

A Last Comment On Fav-rah

Ok, we are now coming up on pre-season week two, and people are still thinking that Brett Favre may make a decision to play this year with the Vikings. At this point, I am so fucking sick of hearing about the guy that I dont think I could stand a whole season with him at the helm. Of course, both Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson suck beyond belief at last check in, but who is to say they cant just be a placeholder until next year?

Really, it comes down to this. Will Farve be a better option right now, having missed most of camp, coming off surgery, and not training the whole summer, than Jackson and Rosenfels? If so, what capacity will he drain the personnel's time trying to get him in place and functioning? How will the other players feel? Those answers will plague the team if he signs, and decision making questions will plague them if they dont.

If Farve decides to sign, I will be excited, dont get me wrong, mainly because I will get to watch more of the games on TV. If he doesnt, its only one year closer to Childress' demise as coach, and possibly a Bradford or McCoy at QB next year.

That, and I can name my fantasy team " The Farve Dollar Footlongs."

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  1. Just be glad Favre hasn't signed on with the team yet. All he creates is a giant circus which is more about his ego than the team. Sage Rosenfelds isn't a bad QB and capable starter. All he gets remembered was squandering 17 point lead against the Colts including the fumble.

    I been sick of Favre for years. If you want to see the damage he left with the Jets he set them back 2-3 years.

    Here how I felt about Favre.