Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What A Weekend!

Wow, what a weekend. Had an awesome birthday, got to go to a beautiful wedding, and I got to eat at all my favorite places. You never really know what you are missing until you actually leave. I had a few experiences worth talking about, and most of all, I learned a few funny things.

First, my birthday was a little different this year because I had to spend it at my wife's cousin's wedding. That was not fun. Yet, I still got to eat my steak dinner and get my presents on the night before, which was great. I didn’t get any card or autograph stuff, but I did get my first BlackBerry. It’s a whole new world of cell phone technology, and I am STILL adjusting. Let me know if you have BB messenger so we can chat.

I think the best part of the trip was being back where your favorite teams are stationed. It was fucking amazing to be drowning in Twins and Vikings merch. It was like being in heaven when I walked around the malls, and I even got to boost my jersey wardrobe too. I got one of the new Twins throwbacks they are wearing this year, and it is so boss that I couldn’t even tell you. It cost a lot, but it was worth every penny. I cant wait to go to a game with it.

Also, I got to go to a Field of Dreams store where everything was ridiculously priced, but also ridiculously cool. My wife wanted to get me a baseball display for our wall, and I thought they may have them, but they didn’t. The store was worth the trip regardless, as the stuff they had was beyond anything I could ever wish to own. I did discover that a mat on photo can make or break the piece, as I saw the sweetest AD photo ever. It was taken on one of the TD runs from his NFL record game, and the entire thing was in black and white except for him. It was signed in bold black ink, which popped against the purple, and the pic looked amazing. What was even better was the mat job, as it was framed in a special way that made the Viking head on the mat look like it was in a shadow box. I drooled at it, and almost plunked down the $550 bucks, but the guy was SUCH a fucking jerk to me when I asked him questions that I just walked out without thinking twice. The store was empty, and he could have taken the time to help me out. Instead he gave me one word answers in a curt manner, and even turned and ignored my wife when she wanted to know a few things. Maybe if he had just been a little bit more friendly, he would have had a sale instead of nothing.

Another great thing, I got a game used ball with the "Goodbye Metrodome" logo on it that was game used on 5/26. It was 20 bucks, and looked cool, so I picked it up when I saw it at the Twins Team store. The MLB authentication even had pitchers listed for the day it was obtained. Pretty cool for not much money.

In sports celebrity sightings, during the trip home last night, I saw Dave Winfield in the airport coming back from the HOF ceremony, dressed in all HOF logo garb. He is a BIG guy and moved slowly, but he was nice and chatted for a few minutes while getting luggage. No one else knew who he was, but he was very friendly and happy when I told him we were coming from Minnesota. He goes every year, and was carrying a bag full of autographed stuff from his friends.

Lastly, Ive pretty much decided to go with the mob and buy something awesome rather than buying a case. I saw so much while I was home, that I really see a few particular things I may want to get. Ill let you know what I decide on.

That’s about it for now, still catching up on a few things from the last few days. Im sure there will be more posts to come.


  1. Welcome back. We missed ya. Shirt came yesterday. Looks great. Ready to roll. Can't wait for Saturday. Thanks again.

  2. Seeing someone like Dave Winfield would make the hell that is baggage claim much, much better. He seems like a nice guy.

  3. Hope the shirt brings you luck!