Sunday, July 12, 2009

This Just Made My Day!

I just found out that someone has actually taken the time to start a blog as a rebuttal to SCU. That is too awesome for words. Im truly flattered, and very curious as to why someone has that much time on their hands.

I guess one has done something right when they have pissed off a guy so much, they start something completely devoid of any other purpose than to criticize every word you say. I love it!

I mean, I would completely understand if this person started a blog to post stuff contrary to the opinions I state, but to piggyback on my stuff? He must be really desperate for a gimmick to get visitors. Eh, ill stop feeding the Troll, I'm sure they have enough ammo already with 998 posts and counting.

One thing though. Since this person breaks everything down paragraph by paragraph, I guess I now need to put apostrophes in everything if I want to avoid those arrogant (sic)s they use for some reason. I didnt (sic) know that missing contraction marks were such a big deal to the grammar police. They must be a captain or something.

Well, if you hate me and this site, this new blog is your Graceland. Have a good time. Tell 'em I sent you.


  1. What a hypocrite that cat is. Says you hide behind keyboard and scream an yell. BAHAHAHAHHAA. You are very easy to find and a ammeber of a few forums but hide lool..This with the rebuttal does not even put his name on his gay wordpress blog. However Adam is hiding. I give it, hmm about 2 months before his axe to grind gets too dull. Got to love Beckett employees. When you discount it as soon as you start your blog that you are not something(beckett employee) it is a tell tale sign that is what you are. What douchebag. Love keyboaord commandos wiht no sign of who they are. Big pussy! BTW Adam great job you must really be really making a difference when this happens. I agree that is flattery in the true sense of the word!


  2. It does seem rather silly, although your missing apostrophes make me cringe at times, but that's because I'm an English major. I certainly won't blog and complain about it. Enjoy this guys free press, doubt it will last long.

  3. For an informal medium, I didn't really care about marks like that, just making sure it sounds right. Even that misses sometimes.

  4. The funny thing is that he wasted the time to do that for a site like SCU that gets tens of visitors per day. Why make a rebuttal site to a blog like this that doesn't matter at all in the overall hobby scene.

    Sorry Gellman, but you are not important. I hope those pennies you get from the banner ads are enough, lol.

  5. man another hater LOL Love it!!!! Pretty sure he does not do it for any profit. Leader of pests you still seem to type into your typedpad for nothing.
    Now go have a cup of haterade and get back to class

  6. Trust me, I know my impact in the hobby is miniscule at best, and thats why this is so funny.

    BTW though, its around 500-600 per day, 12,000-15,000 per month. Check the sitemeter. Not that it matters, just saying.