Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sometimes You Just Get Effing Lucky!

Today I was picking up some supplies to ship out the Exquisite cards, and my friend came along with the idea of busting a bunch of stuff while he is back from Iraq. Being deployed in the army, he doesnt have too many expenses, so he has a lot of disposable income - much to my benefit. He settled on three boxes of Classics, two boxes of Icons, a box of 09-10 Ultimate Basketball, and a few other hit per pack products.

After getting through everything and ending up with some ridiculous pulls, he gave me the last few packs from his Classics box. He had already pulled a Moreno saturday stars jersey auto out of the box, so he thought there wasnt much left in there. He was wrong.

Now, as much as I hate the base design for Classics, I always appreciate a good pull.

This one was easily the nicest pull Ive ever had out Classics, numbered out of 250.

To continue the lucky day, I also hit this in the last pack:

It is numbered out of 25, gotta love that kind of streak. If only I could transfer that over to other products, right?!?

Thanks to Jeff for the packs.

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