Thursday, July 2, 2009

SCU Breaks: Exquisite Box Break

As I said before, I am putting the club on hold for now while things get back into order around here.

However, that doesnt mean we wont be able to have a little fun. Im going to try something a little different, hopefully we can fill this up.

Here is the idea:

1) Every one who pays for a spot gets one team via random drawing and one team that they choose on a first come first serve basis. To avoid the easy choices, Ravens and Falcons will not be among the teams you can choose for yourself. Any other team is up for grabs, choose your favorite.

2) Once we have all sixteen spots filled, ill random off the remaining teams.

3) You will receive all cards from both teams that you end up with, I will break the box on here for all to see. Random video will also be posted.

4) Multi team cards will be randomed

5) send payment to through paypal

This should help to move away from the luck of the draw for at least one of the teams you will get, but also give you a little more help with your "investment."

Cost will be $33.00 for 2 teams, which includes box fees, shipping fees both ways (if necessary), paypal fees, and supplies for shipping.

Remember before you join: RAVENS AND FALCONS ARE OFF LIMITS

1. Gellman - Vikings (HOST)
2. Nick D - Cowboys (PAID)
3. ScubaSteve - Steelers (PAID)
4. Voluntarheel - Panthers (PAID)
5. Voluntarheel - Lions (PAID)
6. Scubasteve - Packers (PAID)
7. Darkship - Bears (PAID)
8. Arfmax - Giants (PAID)
9. Matt S - Patriots (PAID)
10. Scott G - Raiders(PAID)
11. Jeff O - Broncos (PAID)
12. Bobby P - Colts (PAID)
13. Bobby P - Titans (PAID)
14. Andrew T - Jets (PAID)
15. Voluntarheel - Dolphins (PAID)
16. Hupaskin - Texans (PAID)

NOTE: A lot of people chose the Cowboys, please choose again if you did, nick got here the fastest.

If you are worried, please send a list of teams and I will give you the best available.


  1. I'll take the Cowboys. Payment sent

  2. I'll take 2 spots with the Panthers and Lions.


  3. I'm in and I'll take the Cowboys as my choice

  4. was going to get in until i saw the host not only has a slot, but gets the first pick and is likely making a profit on the break. no thanks. just as bad as the scam breaks on youtube.

  5. Oh, I am definitely not making a profit. If there is money left over, I would refund it. I had to do some guesstimating on the cost of everything, but it should be pretty close. The last few times I have done this, I have actually lost money.

    Yeah I get first pick, but I figured with the ability to pick your favorite team, its not like the Vikings are the one everyone wants. Sure they are a tier one team, but they are just as worth it as half of the teams in the league. I think everyone has a pretty fair chance, but if it comes down to it, id happily give up my spot to someone else.

  6. I'll take the Giants


  7. Of course, that's if this even fills.

    If not, ill keep everyone's money and buy some shit. You know, because Im evil like that.

  8. I'll change to the Bears then

  9. ill go with the packers instead. Thanks

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  12. If its ok can I change my team to the raiders?

  13. sorry for the flip flop! Im a big mcfadden fan and forgot about him when i picked the fins.

  14. hey gellman are you going to to the break the day it gets filled up? or are you waiting for the payments to order the box?

  15. I have to wait to order, dont have the money right now.

  16. Ill take the Titans and Colts - will paypal the money over tonite

  17. I'll take the Colts.
    Payment sent.

  18. I took the last spot and think I am going with the 49ers.
    I am tempted to take the texans but I am hoping for some old niners autos.
    I will look into the checklist real quick and will respond right away if I change my mind.
    Payment sent to just a few minutes ago.

  19. I am taking the 49ers in the last spot. Payment sent
    To bellman just a few minutes ago. I may change it to
    The texans after I look at the checklist, but I will let
    u know in the next15 mins.

  20. I changed my mind and want to take the texans in the final spot. Then u can add either atl or balt to my bonus team in the random. If u have any questions please email me at
    Thanks again and glad to be back in ur box breaks.

  21. When is the random for the remaining 16 teams? Before you order the box for trade time or just before the break?

  22. It will be either tomorrow or monday.