Wednesday, July 8, 2009

SCU Breaks: Exquisite Box Break Tonight

Should have it done and up by around 6 or 7 PST tonight, depending on how easy it is to get my camera to work for me. Im hoping we have a great break with 7 cards from 7 teams, or just a bunch of Vikings, haha.

Please let me know if you want it all at once or if you want pics then video. If you want it all at once, its going to take longer because we have to wait for YouTube, but it will also keep the suspense. Otherwise you can see the results up front, and then the vid later.

Either way, should be pretty fun.


  1. pictures then video is fine with me. Then I don't have to wait all day for my D Jack RPA redemption

  2. I like watching the videos on breaks; I vote all at once, even if it takes a bit longer.

  3. well i totally wiffed...haha went to youtube and did a search and the vid is up