Wednesday, July 1, 2009

People Think This Is Real. They Are Dumb.

Over on the blowout boards, there is a typical real or fake thread going over this Felix Jones. I did a facepalm at least 3 times during the thread. I mean, if you have to ask? Seriously.

First, here is the card:

Yes, he actually wrote inside the swatch window to simulate a signature on a patch card that is already signed.

Besides that fail, there is no question of him selling fakes after I saw this card on his list:

Its so bad, its funny. Funny in a sad special olympics sort of way.

He also has a few of the fake Rookie Premiere Autos available, so you know he is a member of the band of theives.

Im not sure what is more hilarious - people who think the jones is real, or the guy who thinks that Matt Ryan shows he "haz skillz" at cardboard pimping. That's his choadtastic name, right?

h/t to PSAD for the graphic.


  1. Ha ha... wow. The signature in a signature card is classic. Gotta love the Matt Ryan scotch tape autograph, too. Just wow.


    this one is funny. lol....that is all i have to say

  3. Actually, that may be real, despite the seller. Smith signed a bunch of them twice by accident.

    There was a statement released by Donini about it I think.