Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First Look: 2009 SP Signature Edition Football

This set was definitely a surprise edition to the calendar, and I think that I am going to like this product based on the few previews that UD posted on facebook. However, after considering things, I cant help but draw parallels to the awful 2007 Chirography attempt at a product like this. Chirography was such a bomb that any correllation makes me very, VERY weary.

These cards do look very good however, and SP Signature has been a success in the past, but I get a strange tingle up the back of my neck that tells me to be very cautious about latching on to a product like this. First, I know the MSRP wont be ridiculous like it was for Chirography, Im guessing around 80 bucks, and the cards wont be completely cookie cutter either. Factor in that the autos look on card, and I could be pleasantly surprised.

I will say this, to see a great product like Premier get the axe instead of a price and content cut, only to be replaced by another SP set, makes me angry. Maybe things will work out though.


  1. I do like the design. Selling price and checklist will make the difference for me. (duh) From the sell information it looks like it might be Exquisite without patches.

  2. Recently, with my experiences with 2008 SP Authentic and other UD product's I don't know if I will dive into the product at release. The whole "on average" per box thing makes me a bit uneasy especially since I've been shorted and seen people lose out on their hits. I must say though I wouldn't mind getting one of these hits.

  3. Sorry, but they are sticker autos.