Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Case Bust Dilemma

I never thought I would be in a position where I had this choice to make, but alas, here I am. About a week ago, I found out I had pretty much won 400 dollars in a contest at work, which made me extatic. However, the 400 dollars wasnt cash, but instead it was gift cards that could be used like credit cards. There is a list of merchants you can use them at, and eBay is one of them. In addition, Saturday is my birthday and I have received more eBay money to spend as well. That means, I have about 600 bucks to spend however I want on eBay, if thats the way it goes.

In my mind, I have two options, and I am wholly considering both as a viable option.

First option is to go buy an awesome piece that I wouldnt normally buy. A Mantle ball, a Ted Williams ball, a Mauer or Peterson Jersey, pretty much anything. Jordan if I desired.

Second option is to buy a case of 2009 Topps Chrome or something similar once I see what is actually contained in the product. There are a few factors that would prevent me from doing this, mainly extra cost, and possibility of getting a bunch of crap in it. Buying and busting a case would be a ton of fun, however, and it would be a great thing to post here.

Of course there are pros and cons to both ideas, so ill examine those too.

With the first option, the biggest pro is getting an item that is awesome. Its the best argument there is, and it may tip things over for me. You are guaranteed an item you know is worth the money, and you get to pick the player and item. However, I pretty much have most of what I need, and there is no way I would spend 600 bucks on Peterson stuff. Its too much to spend on a modern guy. That means I would have to get something else from Baseball legends, and after Operation Bullpen, you know there are seemingly more fakes than reals, and PSA and JSA cannot be trusted. Also, because its a baseball legend or something like that, the attachment wont be as strong either, making me question as to why I am even bothering.

With the second option, I wont have another chance to bust a case without strings attached ever again, possibly. Because it isnt my money, and I HAVE to spend it on eBay, why not? I have a good feeling about a few of the rookies this year, and Harvin is a great target to tie me to a product. Plus, I would probably end up trading or selling the team lots and rookie lots to get more stuff I want like above. The cons of this are big though, and thats the major problem. What if you get a case with 10 of the same scrub autos? It happens all the time, and that would SUCK. Also, Chrome is not the ideal product I would like to bust, as SPA would be 10 times better. However, SPA is also more expensive, so that isnt happening. Having chrome as a second or third choice is bad for me, as why would I want to spend 600 bucks on a second choice?

What do you guys think? If only I could just put the money in the bank. That would be my first choice without remorse. Stupid work.


  1. If it were me, I'd buy the memorabilia piece, and 2 cases. But then again I have more $ than you, lol.

  2. So, would you rather have an apple or an orange?

    "If it were me, id have a banana. LOL."

    Yup, answering questions is your strong suit.

  3. You know you could just wait and get ~4 boxes of Triple Threads :D

  4. Im in if you will match. We can do a dueling case bust.

  5. I'll buy some ebay credit off you for .90 cents on the dollar!

  6. Tough dilemma. I've never actually busted a case but I've always wanted to. However, I if I was going to do it, it wouldn't be Topps Chrome.

    I say go for the nice piece of memorabilia (or half a case of SPA!)

  7. I'd go vintage with a 1948 Leaf Ted Williams or something similar.

  8. I would buy vintage. Something you wouldn't normally buy like T206 or Goudey That is what I did with my tax return this year and love the card I bought. Guess which one it is in this post:

    When you set a vintage card up next to even the best new auto card the vintage wins every time. You won't regret it.

  9. Im not really a vintage person, and as I said before, Im more of an autograph collector than anything. So for me, the autograph always wins. However, im not opposed to getting an awesome card like that.


  10. Case for sure, but I'd probably find a different product then your options you listed, or just but a half case of a better product. When I decide what to buy, I buy what will be the most fun. Buying individual items on ebay isn't very exciting. Opening a case is amazingly fun.

  11. To me it depends on the ability to display the item. If you get a jersey and you are just going to hang it in your closet, then get a case. But if you are going to go all the way and get it put in a shadow-box and hang it in your man-room, then nothing beats it.

  12. I would say buy 2 highend boxes 2 mid end boxes and 2 low end boxes.

    Eg. 2 UD Black FB, 2 Absolute Mem, 2 Heroes

    Or buy something of Jordan just to say you owned one then flip it and buy a case!

  13. Get something you can truly treasure and possibly pass down to your children. Don't waste your money on a case break and risk the chance of getting a bunch of joker autos--buy penny stocks before that.